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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage date with my dad.

So last night I spent quality time with my dad. It was so nice to get hang out with him. We drove up to Logan to check out the most interesting hoarding place there is.  Here are some pictures that don't do any justice to how much stuff there is.

There is some really cool stuff, & then some really random creepy stuff like this.
I would love to paint & re-upholster this bed because I love the style.
Love these vintage keys.
I would feel so much prettier if I weighed myself on this beauty.
He has tons of oriental stuff which makes me happy since I am obsessed with asian people & decor.
There were tons of cute tea sets.
It was so great to have my Aunt Sue come with us because she is so much fun! She knows a lot about furniture & decorations. I also love that we match :) I have such fond memories of spending time at Sue's house in Logan.
Here are a couple little things I brought back from Logan.
(Taken with hipstamatic)
I got a couple cool hand fans to take with me down to San Felipe & vintage jewelry. We brought home some other small things but they were mostly junk. It is so funny the things people buy. I had tons of fun talking and hanging out with my Dad, I hope to get a date next time I am in town too. :)

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