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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WEDNESDAY WANTS!!!! Swimsuit edition.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that it is finally swim suit weather! Yay! If you know me you know I have a little bit of an obsession with swim wear. Since I am married I have not been allowed to keep my obsession alive. Although for easter Jeremy said I can get one new suit and I couldn't be more pumped. Here are just a few that are in the running. 
Sources: Agua Bendita, Anthropologie, & Maaji

Monday, March 29, 2010

A few things making me happy today..

Today is a lovely monday for me! Here are a few reasons why..
I finally ordered this Casey O'Connell piece that I just can't stop looking at! "You can take the girl out of the swamp, but you cant take the swamp out of the girl." Jeremy probably won't like it.. so that's why I didn't ask him if I could buy it..hehe
Another reason I am so happy is it is finally summer here in mexico! It was so fun to look out my window and actually see people at the beach.
This guy :) Always giving me those puppy dog eye's because he wants a snack.
I had my first experience at Trader Joe's this weekend and fell in love! These are a few sauces I picked up, and am so excited to cook with them. If you haven't been it really has some awesome, hard to find, cheap stuff.
I am reading the Plain Truth, which is about an Amish girl on trial for murder. I just can't put it down.

Hope everyone is having an amazing week, some of my family is coming to visit me this weekend and I can't wait!!!
xoxo cass

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


These are some of my wednesday wants.  On any given day I can probably think of a million things I want, but I have limited myself to only 5 a week.
*I WANT to see my family, but mostly little Atlas because I feel so sad he is growing bigger and I am not there to watch him.
*I WANT this statement necklace from Etsy.
*I WANT the adorable Mr. X from blabla kids.  I know a future little one would love him as much as I already do.
* I WANT and would really love to own this cute red and polka dot dress from Anthropologie. I also want it to cost less. :)
*I WANT to be back in the beautiful Fiji with my hubby!!

Well hopefully I get something off my want wish list.
xoxo Cass

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In all randomness...

Randomness:Well last night I attempted to make shrimp pad thai from an online recipe I found. And the final result was:
It looked very nice but didn't taste so great. Jer said he liked it but I swear he will eat anything. I did however make some very good yellow curry the other day so I don't feel too bad about my cooking skills.

Crafts i would recommend for beginners. This simple purse and doggie pillow. Both are no more then 5 steps and look great. (In my opinion.)

And it was so cute when I found Diesel sleeping on his new bed with his dollie.:)

Who knew my favorite soda SPRITE would be the downfall of me one day...I drank out of this 2002 sprite bottle last weekend. I thought it was so cute vintage! But then I started to worry.. This is mexico, do they recycle things? So I am concerned they just found it on the street and filled it with sierra mist (that's what it tasted like, there is a difference I can tell.) So I may die soon from drinking out of this bottle, but it was just so cute!
Lastly, I got to spend the weekend up in the states, which was soooo fun! My cousin Brooke and her husband Vaughn were up in California and we got to get together with them one of the days. Jer and I both love their company and wished we lived closer to them. Just wanted to give them some love :)This picture isn't from last weekend (I neglected to take any :( but you get the idea.
Tata for now!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010


So here are some projects I have been working on lately.
First I found this cool fabric and decided to make a V-neck shirt (because that's as high as my skills go.) I don't think it is a masterpiece by any means but I don't think it looks totally handmade when I wear it.

So I found this really cool brooch at a thrift store but the pin had broken off. So I decided to add it onto this necklace. I know its a little crazy but I like statement pieces.

So this lavender velvet ribbon was on sale so I had to buy it. Then I found a bag of purple miscellaneous beads. I put them all together and ended up with this!

So I originally made this flower for a head band, by folding fabric and glueing on the beads. But it ended up too big so instead I added it to this necklace which added just the right amount of glamour.

Diesel was kind enough to model it for me. :)
Well that's all I have for now, but I would appreciate any recommendations or feedback you may have.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Academy Awards..

Jer & I watched the AA with his brother and wife. All and all I found it to be very boring. Honestly the only thing I cared about were the dresses. That is the one reason I wish I was famous, (besides being rich of course) is to get to wear these amazing formal dresses that would be out of place anywhere else. But since I can't I will just critique the ones I saw.

First, dresses I hated:
This dress reminds me of Styrofoam that you put in packages with fragile things. Not good.

First off this dress does nothing for her figure, and mostly it just reminds me of what a fairy godmother would wear with a lot of gold glitter.

Sadly as much as I loved her old movies, this is pretty awful. Her hair, accessories, and dress are just all hideous.

I feel like with SJP I either love it or hate it. This one I hate, it's just weird.

Now onto dresses I loved.

I think this dress is very cute and romantic. I'm not necessarily in love with it on her skin tone but the dress itself is beautiful.

This dress I think is really cool. I love all the different textures mixed together with the black accents.

I thought this dress was really pretty. It is simple but has just the right amount of sparkle and fit her really well.

This dress I couldn't figure out:

I love the top and the bottom, but together they are a big mess! I don't know where the bottom would be appropriate, but the texture is so awesome.

And finally the dress I would wear:

I just love black you can never go wrong with that. It looks sleek, elegant, and sexy a perfect mix.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love things that don't make sense..

The other day at church I was getting restless and decided to make a list of things I love/make me happy. It was a good thing to put down in writing to get me thinking, and hopefully so I won't forget. There were multiple things I love that frankly don't even make sense.. Here are a few:

TEA SETS. I don't know why I love these so much. I never had tea parties as a kid, my mom didn't own anything of the sort, and I don't even drink tea. None the less I love tea sets.
OLD FASHION KEYS. I really love the look of old fashion keys. Like they are hiding untold treasures locked away somewhere. I think I became obsessed after watching secret garden, which is odd because I hated that movie. I would like to own a key like this but have never come across one that I could buy. So I have no key to any treasure so far.

POLAROID CAMERAS. They film is so costly and the pictures don't turn out all that well, so why is it worth it to have these little square pictures that can't be duplicated? I don't really know.. Maybe I love the quickness it produces the picture, or maybe it's the fact that it can't be undone or fixed when you push down that button. Again, I really don't know but I love what that bulky old camera can produce.

And last but not least ROCKING CHAIRS & ATTICS. This one may be the weirdest, because frankly I'm scared of rocking chairs and attics! Im sure it's from too many scary movies, but I don't every actually want to own a rocking chair or have an attic in my house. I guess I just like the idea of them, something about them feels special to me. Like old people have special mind powers sitting in an ancient piece of wood swaying back and forth. Or attics, that hold everything precious like childhood memories and secrets. So I don't know why I am mesmerized by these 2 things, but I am.
So though it doesn't make total sense to me it is what it is :)