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Monday, July 15, 2013

Proud to be an American 2013

Oh how I love July and all its festivities!
The actual 4th started of to a rough start when Kingsley rubbed the sunblock in his eyes, which is one of the very few things that makes him really grumpy :(
but after some kisses and love he eventually started to enjoy himself.
The Potter cousins at the Kaysville parade.
The girls. It was so fun to sit by lots of extended family this year.
Hawkes looking incredibly adorable.
Probably the only way the kiddos could get a good view of the parade since it was packed.
So interesting that I don't think there is really any resemblance between me, my mom, and sister.
I kind of loathe the Kaysville parade with all it's crowds, hot weather & the fact that the parade itself is pretty lame with no floats and hardly any candy except laffy taffy. At the same time you couldn't pay me to miss it since I have been going my whole life!
This year was better though since we could enjoy family and sit in the shaded spot my Aunt Cammy secured for us.
Kingsley struggles looking/smiling at the camera these days..
Cousins :)
After the parade I put King down for a nap while Jeremy insisted on golfing. In the afternoon we headed over to Lagoon a Beach with my family. It was pretty crowded but Kingsley loved going down the slides with dad and uncle "Jackie". Kingsley like the rest of the nephews loves Jaxon and saying his name :)
After Lagoon we headed up to Oakridge with the Kemps.
Kingsley enjoyed sitting at the table & eating rice.
Kingsley loves being outside in his cute 2nd 4th of July outfit :)
I didn't coordinate our outfits very well for a family photo, but at least I got one!
The Browns
These two were so excited for the fireworks I had a hard time keeping them still for a couples photo opt!
Isn't Gweynn just the cutest!?
King thought putting on his sound resistance headphones was pretty funny though he wouldn't keep them on.
I have to be honest that I miss the Davis fireworks since Oakridges are pretty pathetic, but Kingsley seemed to like them saying "oh wow" all night :)

To keep the festivities going we headed to the Farmington festival days last Saturday. The weather was a little gloomy during the parade with rain going in and out. We still really enjoyed it since Farmington throws a killer parade.
Kingsley sat on Jers lap almost the entire parade and would dance whenever the school bands or dance groups would come by with music.
Love this little family of mine.
After eating mexican for lunch we headed over the the festival.
A rock climbing competition was held..
and then a rematch..
It was a very fun day that ended with some couples golf and frozen yogurt.
Love this country!