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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nursery progress

I have been debating whether or not to unveil the stencil we painted in the nursery this early or not.. But I am so excited about it I can't wait! Plus I'm sure I will probably have lots of other nursery/baby related updates I will want to post in the future.
So here it is!
The lighting in the before & after shots are poor since I forgot to open the shutters for some reason but you get the idea :) I absolutely loved how the finished stencil turned out! I was originally going to do a metallic paint but chickened out at the last second.. Maybe next time ;)
I can't thank my sister in laws Amy & Meghan enough for all the time an effort they put into helping me. Seriously I have the best family ever! We knocked it out in one day, but it was a good 7 hours before I finished. It's always a little harder then you think!
Anyways this is my new favorite room in the house, I love to just sit & stare at the wall.
Hope the little man enjoys grey geometrics!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

San Felipe Stragglers

I had planned to take pictures of everything in San Felipe such as our favorite spots before we left, but unfortunately that didn't totally happen. I did get a couple of our last Saturday though. I meant to post them sooner but with the move & everything forgot all about them until I uploaded some other pictures this morning. Anyways...
We got breakfast at the Road Runner Cafe one last time.
 The only American breakfast in the whole town, & sometimes you just need some gold old fashioned french toast.
That afternoon I headed to the pool to watch the old people play water volleyball while Jeremy golfed. The weather was so nice & warm before we left. I look forward to laying by the pool and eating chips & salsa with a pina colada next time we are there to visit :)
 That evening we headed to El Nido's which is my favorite for dinner. They have the most awesome steaks, fresh salads & salsa. 
We were happy to have Cliff & his family join us.
Sunday afternoon we took Diesel down to the beach. It's funny how frightened he was of the waves & water in the beginning, but eventually loved to swim & play in the water with Jeremy. 
Jeremy & Dies sitting in the back of our Casa :)
 Well there you have it, my last farewell to San Felipe.
See you soon old buddy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

random happenings

So we have been doing lots of things as of late. Can't remember lots of them, but these pictures will help.
It has been so fun to be able to hang out with my sister in law Meg during the days! I have also got to babysit my buddy Hawkes while she works.
 Such an easy boy this one. One of the days I took him to the discovery Gateway with cousin Brooke, my neighbor Kasey and their 4 girls. It can a little chaotic with all the other kids & some snotty moms, but he had fun :)
 The weather was so nice last week Jeremy was in heaven golfing almost everyday after work. Diesel & I also enjoyed soaking up the sun during the day. One night we enjoyed a BBQ over at the Schouten's where we actually ate a whole cow. Seriously though my dad had brought over some meat, & I left it out to thaw thinking it was a couple of slabs. Nope it was just one giant piece! Delicious of course :) For some people this may not look too appetizing though.. 
 Speaking of food, I was at my parents house the other day & was shocked as my dad got out a salad for lunch! He has been working out everyday & apparently eating healthy too! So proud :)
 Another proud moment.. So I swear most parents or older people in general tend to get less & less fashionable as they age right? Well not my parents, seems as if they just get more cool & trendy all the time! I mean they even picked these outfits out on their own :)
 My stylish mother in jcrew at the new city creek, & my father rocking a preppy look at work. So proud of these too. Of course I would still love them just the same if they dressed like weirdo's :) Now I just need to work on Jeremy. It's not totally his fault, since I purchase 95% of his clothes, I just don't know how to dress boys I guess.

Saturday we ventured out to the Pac 12 gymnastics championships meet which was tons of fun. Sadly the U didn't take 1st they barely took second by a couple points. It was so hot in the arena, so my sweet husband scored me a smoothie :) I swear he is actually really photogenic, so I don't know why he always chooses to look like a creep!
Sunday we ate & ate until both of us had acquired food babies. Here is the meal I made for lunch, then we also had some wonderful tri-tip over at the Schoutens for dinner. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything Monday because I was a food coma!
Other happenings I don't have pictures of:
last weekend we went to Prezley's cheer competition at the salt palace. It's weird how many of my own I have been to, but don't really enjoy them now. It's so loud & crowded, gives me anxiety.
Chris, Amy & the boys came to Utah for a visit! The whole clan made a trip to Teppanyakis of course :) Truman was really nervous about the fire, while Teddy on the other hand enjoyed it by eating everything he could! 
Amy as well as Meghan were gracious enough to help me stencil the nursery last week. It kind of took forever, so I don't know what I would have done without them!
Jer & I can't believe how fast the time is flying by! Only 8 more weeks of pregnancy?? It just cant be right.. Ahh nervous!

Friday, March 23, 2012

30 weeks

So I hit my 30 week mark this week. I can't believe how the time is flying by. Two months & I will have a baby??!! It's kinda freaking me out. There is so much I still need to get done before this little guy gets here.
 As for me I still feel pretty great. I don't sleep so well, & am constantly waking up with leg cramps but that's the worst of it. I'm sure it will continue to get worse, but I think I can handle it for a little while. The little guy moves like crazy all the time, hopefully he won't be as busy once he comes out :) I am quickly running out of clothes that fit so I often find myself in Jeremy's BYU sweats. Just know I haven't changed who I cheer for, they are just super comfy :)
Speaking of clothes not fitting.. I wanted to wear this cute top that my sister in law Meg lent me for my 30 week photo, but as you may notice I couldn't zip it up all the way. The zipper actually got stuck & cousin Brooke had to run over and rescue me since I couldn't get out of it! haha oh dear. Well I finished painting the nursery today & love it. Pictures soon to follow :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

home improvement

So Jeremy & I are really enjoying our new casa. But with any rental or home you haven't built yourself there are going to be some things that just aren't quite your taste..
Like our upstairs guest bathroom.. Pastel pink wallpaper just isn't for me.. Unfortunately our previous owners loved wallpaper & have it in almost every room. Even though we are not fans of it since we are not sure how long we will be living here we don't want to put too much effort into sprucing it up. We did decide however to rip off this wallpaper since it was a small space & my mother really wanted to help since she said she enjoys pulling down wallpaper..
Of course some of my other sweet family members helped as well. Including Meg, my dad, & Jaxon. Excuse the weird yellow lighting in all these photos.
The process wasn't so bad as the wallpaper came off pretty smoothly but between all of the time spent by everyone it would have taken me 12 hours to do on my own! Yikes. SOOOO SOOO glad to have my family help!
Here is the after:
 So much better right?? It was also fun to finally get out all our wedding gifts & use them in our house. Funny though some of the stuff I registered for almost 3 years ago is totally out of style now. ha

So my next big project & the one I am most excited about is finishing the nursery for our little guy!
This will be his room but I really didn't want the clouds & cream moldings. (Or the hideous light for that matter) I should note there were also clouds painted on the ceiling that I didn't get a picture of. So with the help of my sister in law Erin's expertise I had all the supplies & instructions to paint a room. I was really nervous since I have never painted before. Luckily my cousin Brooke who lives just a couple of houses away has painted before & came to my rescue!
Last Saturday Brooke came over & we painted our little hearts out. Jer helped here & there, but didn't seem to enjoy it as much as we did. (Apparently there was a show on lifetime that he was really interested in & keep leaving to watch it.. What a weirdo??) Honestly the prep work & ceiling were the hardest part, after that was finished Brooke & I breezed thru the process. Then after a tasty lunch break of Cafe Rio my dad with a little help from my mom & Jaxon really knocked out the second coat of paint. We tried to convince my mom that painting was more fun than ripping down wallpaper but she wouldn't buy it & chose to just assist my dad by handing him the paint brush when he was up doing the ceiling & molding. Again I can't thank Brooke & my family enough for the help! Here is the after:
So I know these pictures of a white wall are kinda boring, but I wanted to show the progress before I do a stencil on one wall & move in all his furniture.
 So there you have it, my first paint job :) Have to say I actually enjoyed it! Later this week we are going to paint a stencil on one of the walls & I can't wait to see how it turns out. Hopefully as awesome as I have imagined it in my head :)
Now to showcase the weirdest room in our new house, meet the bunny room!
So seriously one of the creepiest things ever! I want to paint it, but since we don't know how long we are staying & right now it is just an extra room I can't decide if it's worth the hassle. Jeremy is totally against painting it because he thinks it is so funny. Actually I'm starting to feel like it's an animals rights protest as most of our family & friends are trying to "save" the bunny room from getting painted! I guess we shall see.. What is your vote? Would you be as sad as my husband to see the bunnies disappear? 

Monday, March 12, 2012


So I am feeling happy & settled here in Utah finally. It is so nice to be able to run errands by myself, see family, & just have so many resources at my fingertips. Jeremy on the other hand I think has had a harder time adjusting. One of the big things being the weather. I think he almost cried when it snowed here last week, he really is a baby when it comes to cold weather. I don't know if he will ever stop missing the warm MX weather.
Diesel just like his dad also hates the snow & cold. It's very hard to get him outside to go to the bathroom because he won't step near the snow. I thought these snow boots would come in handy, but turns out he doesn't enjoy them..
I think these BYU sweats are the only warm clothing Jeremy owns. We will probably need to get him a whole new wardrobe including a coat & such, but I am going to wait until next fall. I was so glad to throw away almost all of his old khaki floods that he has been wearing to work for the last 8 years! I know he doesn't enjoy wearing a suit everyday, but at least he doesn't look homeless anymore :)
So luckily the weather was warm enough this sunday to get outside & play tennis. I loved to go play tennis with Jeremy & Diesel in the summer which usually ended in a water fight, so hopefully after this baby comes we can get back into it, because it is such fun exercise.
Landon & Meg against Jer & Prezley
This would be Prezley's oops face. Pretty cute I think.
Jeremy enjoying himself :)
I played some but couldn't really get to the ball unless it was coming straight to me. So I just pouted with Diesel in the corner. No not really I had a lovely time.
I'm at 29 weeks today & can't believe how the time has flown by! Could I really have a baby in 12 weeks? Feels outrageous at this point. Especially since I don't have hardly any baby items! Hopefully after my baby showers & a few purchases I will feel a little better prepared. I also think I need to sign Jer & I up for a birthing class so we aren't totally clueless when the time comes. Also I'm still open to any advice anyone wants to throw my way :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bye Bye Mexico

I'm sad to say I have forgotten a lot since the move to Utah, so I will just have to jot down all I remember. Some of the older couples that live at the Ranch (our gated community in San Felipe) threw us a little going away party Friday night. They were so sweet & a bunch of them gave us baby gifts. Three of them even hand knitted our little guy stuff. So nice, here is what we got:
We spent every last minute we could enjoying the great weather & our friends in Mexico. Monday morning we woke up at a whopping 3:45am to start the trek out of Mexico. Following the trailer we got to the border at around 7:00am. Things were going pretty smoothly until we got to the Uhaul across the border & the trailer we were supposed to move all our stuff into wasn't quite big enough. It spent Jeremy & our mover 3 hours to fit all the stuff in even though we had to send some stuff back because we couldn't fit it all. Then just our luck it started to drizzle on our way to San Diego. Jeremy tried multiple times to get a tarp over the stuff in the back of our truck but it just kept ripping, making the second half of our trip really sucky. The rain ruined a cream chair but the rest seemed to come away ok. Jeremy dropped me off at the SD airport to fly home while he finished out the rest of the driving with the company of two of his friends. I had a really awkward moment at the airport when I fell trying to lift my bag on the scale. I rolled my ankle & started crying out of embarrassment when I couldn't get myself back up and everyone started fussing over me. (I struggle, I cry when I get anxious or embarrassed) It caused a whole scene and they even tried to make me sit in a wheelchair. Not my favorite moment.
Jeremy arrived late Tuesday night after he had stopped in Vegas to golf. Yep, imagine that in the middle of moving across country my husband still finds time to golf. What a weirdo.
We are finally settled with everything out of bags & boxes. It of course made things a lot easier with all our family & friends here to help. Thanks to everyone for all your support helping us move, we really appreciate it and couldn't have done it without you! We also hope we never have to move again because man it is not much fun. Especially when it was snowing here in Utah!
Well I will be back shortly with a before & after of our new place :)