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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oakridge Halloween Party 2013

Oakridge throws an annual Halloween Party and I was stoked to take the boys. They even gave us a private room so I didn't have yo worry about getting my new little guy sick.
Why is matching these two so much fun!? I made Hudson's pants to match Kingsley's the morning of :)
Kingsley loves giving his little brother kisses :)
Kingsley ate super healthy of course
Some of Kingsley's favorite friends, as well as Landon, Meg, Hawkes, Grandma Kemp, Grandpa Kemp who are not pictured.

I was so excited to get the Max costume from where the wild things for Kingsley since I had wanted it last year. SInce they didn't make one in Hudson's size so I had to improvise.
I'm just so in love with these two wild things!
We went outside to see the reptile show but Kingsley wasn't interested at all.
Running around like a monkey of course
These two love birds :)
My littlest man
Gweynn is the cutest ladybug there is.
I'm so in love with this face!
Good times!

Hudson's Newborn

This time around I knew I was too tired to take Hudson's newborns. I knew it would be too difficult especially with Kingsley also. I had seen some fotofly photos I liked so I thought I would try them out. I like that they have multiple backgrounds all in one place as well as a quick turn around in getting you the disc of photos. I don't know however that I would recommend it as a favorite. I felt rushed with only 45 minutes and that's with Hudson being passed out like an angel the whole time. I can't imagine if he had been awake or fussy at all. I also re-edited a lot of the photos for over exposure & was disappointed that some were out of focus. But that being said here are some of the ones that turned out :)
He looks so much like Kingsley with those huge cheeks. Only difference is his oval head and sunken in chin.
Such kissable cheeks!
Hudson constantly has his eyebrows furrowed, making him look grumpy most the time..
I love all these ones we did on the quilt Sandy made for Kingsley.
I brought the fox to show the size of Hudson.
Kingsley was a nightmare most of the session, so luckily I had brought my mom along to help. I was sad that the photographer didn't get more of the two together. Or show the shoes I had crammed Kings feet in. ha
He loves giving baby brother kisses :)
Love this handsome little guy of mine!