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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quality time..

So today I started off by feeling a little stressed. I had saved up so much money (I thought) to shop while I was in Utah. Somehow with all the friends dinners, showers, baggage fee's, birthdays, & Jeremy's anniversary gift (which he knows what I got because he was being nosey/annoying) my money was so sparse I could only buy 1 item from anthro :( 
So I was extremely happy to hang out with Meghan & Landon to brighten my day :)
We ate lunch here:
It's right by the gateway & has really good cheap thai food. I got the yellow curry & would recommend you visit this cute local place.
Next we got frozen yogurt at the gateway. 
I got cake batter with graham crumbs, & vanilla tart with strawberries & gummi bears. I would not recommend the gummi's because they were hard.
After yogurt we saw The Switch.
I wasn't expecting much but we ended up really liking it. The story line was predictable but it was pretty funny & the little boy in it is adorable.

Later tonight I went with Sandy & Earl (my in-laws) to Teppanyaki's. It is probably one of my favorite restaurants, so I'm lucky Earl loves it too! :) We had a really good time catching up. I got my usual surf & turf.
It was so delicious as always :)
On the way home Earl wanted Sandy & I to look for the Krispie Cream sign to see if it was open. So we saw it was lit up but had already passed the exit. Earl was determined however so once we got off the Kaysville exit he flipped around & headed right back! We originally only planned on getting 6, but the worker talked us into getting 12. Not that we were complaining. They were especially yummy since they were fresh & warm. I am so thankful I got to hang out with my in-laws while I am in town. They really took great care of me.

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