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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Combined shower/DrummerDirt Baby

After Jaxon's football game Saturday I headed over to a baby/wedding shower for Ashleigh Miller & Amy Smith. It was so great to see them & their families because it has been forever! 
Ashleigh had decorated, and how cute is that onesie. I guess she ironed on a baby picture of Amy. Such a cute idea, I may have to steal it.
Ashleigh reading about some lubricants. haha. I love how clueless I was before I got married, I thought these were just random toys. I didn't realize that it's practically impossible without it. :) Hope that's not too information.
(Ashleigh, Amy, Me, Brooklyn, Megan.)
How cute is pregnant Amy. I wish I had gotten another picture of her from the side. She is having a girl. The food was great & I felt very lucky to be in town so I could come. Good luck Ashleigh & Amy, I am excited for you both!

That afternoon I got to watch ATLAS! He is so stinking cute I love him! He was all over the place but super fun! He let me hold him and play balls & didn't cry at all.
Atlas cheesing it in the back of the car with Jaxon before he fell asleep. So cute to hear him giggling in the back!
Eating cheese puffs. Wish I had a picture of him carrying around the huge tub of them.

Baby drummer.
After eating dirt :) Gotta love the funny things little kids do. I miss Atlas & always feel like he is growing up to fast while I am gone. It was so good to be able to play with him!
Saturday night we decided to see the movie the Other Guys. Sorry for the mix up Nick & Erin. (Somehow we ended up at layton & they at the gateway.)
I do have to say the movie was a bust. We really thought it was pretty stupid. I was sad because I had heard how funny it was. There was a lot of swearing & talking about sex. I would NOT recommend wasting your money to see it.
Luckily Jaxon didn't catch on to most of the bad parts. So far my Utah trip has been really fun & I still have plenty of days left!

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  1. so glad you could come to the shower! it was fun to see you! thanks so much for taking time out for it while you were in town! looks like you are having lots of fun being here!