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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unfortunate Events...

When we came home from our weekend in Dana point it ended up we didn't leave as early as we hoped, so we didn't arrive home until 3am! We were so dead tired when we finally got there.
Unfortunate event #1: 
When we opened the door to our condo it was filled with stifling heat! The workers have been trying to fix a leak in our air conditioning & somehow had switch off our air conditioning. It is over 115 degree's in San Felipe so you can trust me that our house was practically a sauna. So we had to get the neighbors key & sleep over at his house. Not falling asleep until 4. But Diesel still kindly woke me up at 5:30am to feed him... Thanks buddy.

Needless to say we were really tired the next to days trying to get back on schedule. Wednesday our ceiling started leaking again so the workers came over & were basically there all day. I will not count this as an unfortunate event though it was extremely annoying because it trapped me downstairs so I couldn't shower, finish the laundry, or pack until after they left. :(
So that night Jeremy & I decided we would drive down to San Diego so we would be there for our flights on Thursday. We could have gone Thursday morning but didn't want to wake up early and we prefer to drive at night when it is not as hot or as much traffic.
Unfortunate event #2:
 After we have driven for an 1 1/2 Jeremy realized he had forgotten his laptop which had his passport in it. Since he was flying on a mexican flight he couldn't fly without it. So we basically had to turn around and spent 3 hours driving for nothing :( This also made me sad because Jer said we could do breakfast in the morning in San Diego & see a movie together before our flights.
Unfortunate event #3: 
So Thursday we had the pleasure of waking up at 6am to drive to San Diego. Not fun.
Unfortunate event #4: 
When we were getting closer to the border I really hoped the regular car lines wouldn't be long. Jeremy has a Centri line which gets us across the border in ten minutes apposed to an hour to two hours depending. I had a Centri pass to but somehow it never got activated to my new one was in the mail. The regular car line was really long so I had no choice but to walk across the border. Yes you heard me walk.    I was not happy but knew we were in a hurry & usually it didn't take too long. Well apparently someone is angry with me because I walk down the stairs to find the line longer then I have ever seen it. The worst part being I was wearing pants and a jacket & it was over 117 degrees outside. So I am standing in line with over a hundred mexicans all smelling of B.O feeling like I am gonna pass out from the heat. As if that's not bad enough on the sides of the line there are food stands with gross mexican food that smells like throw up! So finally after 20 minutes I made it thru even though they always hassle me because they can't understand why a white girl is walking across the border. I always want to say "I know seriously I don't like it either, I hate living in Mexico. So if you would be so kind as to let me out without a hassle! I would much appreciate it."
Unfortunate event #5: 
This one may not seem like a big deal but by this point I was starving, hot, & had a major headache. Jeremy got us Mc'donalds why I was walking thru the line. All I asked for was a egg & bacon mcmuffin. Is that too much to ask after all I have been through? Apparently yes. Jeremy was to worried about getting what he wanted and eating it in his nice air conditioned car, that he ordered me a ham mcmuffin. Gross are you serious! Needless to say I was done being nice & oh well by that point.
I let Jeremy know he had caused all these unfortunate events. He makes me live in mexico, he forgot his passport, which caused us an early morning drive, he made me walk across the border (even though technically it's my fault for not activating my card), he forgot to get me bacon. So I explained to him how this made him a bad person. He tried to say he just made bad choices but I was too grumpy to even give him that.

Unfortunate event #6:
So after Jeremy dropped me off at the airport (gladly I'm sure). I had to pay $25 for my bag which is so annoying. This is also Jer's fault since he makes us fly Delta. I prefer jet blue. I was in for one last treat. There were some thunderstorms in Utah which delayed our flight for an hour! I got to sit in the airport & just steam over all the sucky things that I had been through. This last one I couldn't blame on Jeremy even though I tried to think of how it could be his fault. Unfortunate event # 6 is all on Utah.
So Utah you better make it up to me by giving me an awesome week!

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