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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guess what I can do??

So recently I picked up a new hobby. I know, I know I always say that.. First it was sewing, then paper stuff, then jewelry, then head bands, then crocheting/knitting(which lasted not even a week because I was so horrible at it.) ... But seriously my new craft obsession is the best! 
I learned to embroider!
I bought this book from Sublime Stitching & am I love with it!

I love how easy it was to learn the stitches, and how easy it is to fix mistakes.

So I just ironed the transfer on.
Cut it out and secured it in the hoop.
Then just started stitching by re looking at the directions just in case I messed up.
If you know me well you know I never do the back of my hair. This is because I believe if I can't see it no one can or cares. Kind of out of sight out of mind I guess? I used the same logic here by making knots or taping the thread down. I just don't really care what the back looks like.
Here is my first finished embroidery piece, next to the books picture.
I am quite proud & excited for much more embroidery to come!

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