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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014 part 3-Oakridge Brunch

Easter Sunday we headed over to Oakridge for the traditional Easter brunch. The food was fantastic, and we of course enjoyed hanging out with the Browns.
These two just adore each other!
The "Easter Bunny" came around and gave all the kids little gift bags. There were so cute with bubbles and various toys. So much better than a bunch of candy.
Kingsley was so funny and just ignored her and pretended she wasn't there talking to him the little stinker!
We took our eldest out to see if we could get some cute pics of them together. We even used the bubbles, but those two busy bodies wouldn't stay still for two seconds!
I am in love with this picture I got. Looks like it could be a postcard to me!
Kingsley was pretty pleased with himself.
Kingsley was obsessed with the bubbles the Easter Bunny gave him
Love this dapper little man!
Adore these two lovely ladies
A couple shots of the Browns
Sweet little Viv
More bubble chasing. I love the expressive faces this kid makes when he gets excited :)
Since we arrived to brunch early which never happens, I made Jeremy come outside and takes some pictures of us out by this beautiful blossom tree. I just LOVE how they turned out!
I am just obsessed with these two guys!
Not a huge fan of how I look in this picture, but I just can't get over how sweet my boys faces are!
My boys :)
Then some nice man came over and asked us if we wanted to all be in the picture, and I couldn't be more grateful because I just adore these pictures of our little family. The way Kingsley is holding Jer's collar and how Jer and Hudson are holding hands, it's too perfect!
I tried to get a picture of both boys but that didn't happen..
At least Hudson cooperated :)
I just treasure all these pictures of my sweet boys.