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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first Quinceanera...

This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first Quinceanera.
What is that you might ask?
Def: A "quinceañera" is a celebration to honor the passage from childhood into adolescence of a girl on her fifteenth birthday. The young girl being honored is also called the"Quinceañera."
So It started off at the catholic church in a form of mass. (Also a first for me.)
There was a lot of standing up sitting down, singing with a live band, and of course talking and prayers. Which of course I couldn't understand because it was in spanish. I thought the ceremony was a little strange for church but Jeremy said it was not a normal mass. 
The little girls who passed out tons of random favors.

The birthday girl and her main escort.

After the ceremony with all her escorts. I must assume they are guy friends from school and possibly relatives.
After the ceremony we left with another couple to eat dinner because Mexicans are always a good hour late to start anything and eat way late also. Which was perfect because they really didn't start serving dinner until 10:30. Yikes people, how can you not starve before then?

So when we walked into the party/celebration. This was what we were greeted with. Reminds me of a set-up to an american celebration, but I will let you guess.

It was held at the beach comber which is probably the only place large enough to hold this many people. It has no roof though you can't tell from the pictures.

The band. Not to be rude but Mexican music is so annoying to me. Jer actually likes it, but it's too loud happy for me.

So we made it just in time to see the choreographed dance with the Quinceanera and all of her escorts.
I tried to decide if at 15 I would like dancing in front of all my parents friends with a bunch of guys from my school. I decided I would probably be very embarrassed. Jer would love it though.

As you can see there was a ton going on in this dance, and I'm sure they had to practice a lot. It reminded me of dances you would see in a movie of olden times with a queen and what not. I had to laugh when the last part of the dance was to the titanic theme. Hey at least I understood the words.

As you can see from our shiny faces, it was VERY hot! My clothes were stuck to me. So gross.

Daddy daughter dance.. Sound familiar?

Here is where she throws to all the young girls a flower which means she is giving away her childhood toys to be a grown woman.

I love in the mexican culture how everyone dances and loves it. Especially the guys. Jer & I didn't dance because we were already soaked in sweat..

She was a beautiful young woman and looked gorgeous in her hand made red gown. 
So if you haven't noticed a Quinceanera is much like a Wedding! Minus the groom. So I am a little jealous I never got a big party like this, I guess it's a little like sweet 16 style. We heard the parents saved up for 3 years for this celebration. So knowing that I guess I feel happy my parents only have the burden of paying for a wedding. So all and all it was so fun to go to and see all the cultural & tradition in it. 
I told Jeremy since I am living in mexico I deserve to have a Quinceanera.. Ha so look for your invitations in the mail. :)

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