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Friday, August 13, 2010

Rachelle's Birthday!

Last weekend we got to go up to California and spend time with our friend's the Perry's.
It is always so fun to be able to hang out with other young couples. While we were there it was Rachelle's Birthday! We got to have a BBQ and play croquette which is actually very fun.
We were supposed to wear all white, and originally I was but spilled salsa on my pants :( Also it was cold s I had to add a jacket.
(meg: yes, it was my g-star pants, yes, I washed them immediately, & NO I did not dry them.. So don't you worry I am taking good care of them.)

Wes Perry, Chris Tate, Jer.
Jer really loves Rachelle. He says if polygamy ever comes back she will be his second wife.
Us trying to look natural..
The birthday girl blowing out her candles. I think this picture with her husband holding the cake is adorable.
For her B-day among other things I embroidered her this towel because like me she enjoys crafty things. (Perry is her last name, in case you were wondering.)
Well this weekend we are headed up to Cali again to stay with the Kilgores & my cousin Brooke, Vaughn & Emerson. I am ecstatic to say the least!
Goodbye for now!

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