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Friday, April 29, 2011

Nonsense of all sorts

This whole post will be dedicated to all the random nonsense going on in my head & real life. If you find it strange just ignore me..

*I have had to put a time limit of an 1 1/2 of television watching a night because it seems every night there are a zillion things we want to watch including: glee, teen mom, american idol (which is 2 nights), ABDC, Kloe & Lamar, and somehow Real World Las Vegas.. I know it's gotta stop!

*My hair is 24 1/2 inches right now. Measured from center part down, that has to be a record. Speaking of hair I really want to learn how to do these old fashion curls.. Anyone know how??
*Jeremy has not spoken to me in the last 2 days. Don't worry we are not in a fight or anything, but he is reading Water for Elephants & can't seem to put it down. So funny when he comes home for lunch & goes straight upstairs to get his book. Silly boy. At least it takes time away from our t.v problem above..

* We have really liked jamming out to Black Eyed Peas new album lately & even watched a live concert on MTV the other night. Which always starts the debate of whether Fergie is hot or not.. Anyways we found out we both love Jaime Gomez (Taboo) & he is definitely our favorite in the group. It's things like this that reassure us we are soul mates :)
* I am currently obsessed with anything rainbow, shoes & geometric patterns.

*Yesterday I went to an Acrylic paint class. (Erin are you proud?) I think it turned out pretty good even though this is not my style..
*I  HATE cold sores!!!! I currently am sporting 2 these days :(

* I have been singing at the top of my lungs to ADELE's new album all week. I am just addicted to her voice. I really would love to see her in concert, but alas tickets are from $350-$800! Apparently other people love her as much as I do :(

*My nephew Atlas called me last night (with the help of his parents), and man that kid just melts my heart. It is so sweet to hear him saying my name & knowing he finally knows who I am. It reminded me of when I got to watch him as a baby & oh how I miss those days. I miss him often.

*I can't seem to say the word supposedly. It is for some reason a tongue twister for me. I always exchange the D for a B. Supposebly? I just can't get it right.. Anyone else find this word difficult to say?

*Diesel's daily schedule:
6am- crawl's out from under the covers and walks all over the bed. Paws dad's face till he says NO! NOT YET!!
6am-730am- lays by dad's face and wags his tail every time dad moves.
730am- dad FINALLY feeds you, while mommy still peacefully sleeps. You lick your bowl clean & then come up & do a weird silent bark thing & pace back in forth till mom picks you up.
8-9am- lays at the corner of the bed with his paws hanging out from under the covers until mom gets up for the day.
9-10am- takes a lovely stroll to one of his 3 pooping areas. He sniffs around everywhere like he might choose a new spot but then comes back to his usual dumping grounds. He circles between 11-16 times & then pops a squat. (He is very particular) Then he pee's on at least 7 different rocks/plants/trees.
10-1pm- lays on the couch & does absolutely nothing until dad comes home for lunch. Greets him at the door & sits on his lap while I make lunch.
1-2pm- silently stares at us while we eat lunch.
2-430pm- takes nap.
430-5pm- follows mom around to remind her it's almost dinner time. Eats or shall I say swallows his food at 5pm.
530-7pm- takes a second walk or some sort of field trip to the golf course, beach or dad's office for exercise.
7pm-silently stares again while we eat dinner.
8pm- runs around like a crazy.
830pm- chews on his toy fox.
9pm- snores the night away.

repeat this everyday.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunny Easter

This last weekend was crazy packed for Easter or Semonana Santa (holy week) for the Mexicans. I have never seen our little town more busy! It's always fun to have a change of people & feel the excitement of the holidays. I didn't however enjoy all the noise. Seriously I had a hard time falling asleep at night to the sound of ATV's roaming all around.
I started to notice it getting busy when I looked out our window Friday morning & saw this:
Seriously there is a dock down the road, but these bone heads in the jeep decided they would just drive down to the beach themselves. Where obviously they got stuck. It took this truck & a million mexicans to finally pull them out of the sand!
That afternoon Jer, Diesel & I went down to the beach to people watch, and boy was it entertaining!
 People, tents, cars, four wheelers & jet ski's all over the place. Love the dude fishing on the shore as well!

 And of course if it is busy this contraption is always flying around. Seemed so unsafe to let this little girl ride on her mamma's lap, but hey what do I know? I will never dare to fly in that thing!
It was almost comical to notice how unsafe everything was. No one on the jet ski's were wearing life jackets, & they were driving really fast right by the beach which is so scary since the water is really shallow. Young kids everywhere driving motorcycles/four wheelers with no parents or helmets. Diesel who was sitting close to our towel, almost got ran over by a dune buggy who was driving really fast in & out of people. That's not to mention all the people who were probably wasted & driving. Makes me thankful for all the safety laws we have in the states(and that we follow them)! It was a little frustrating to have all the people visiting from Mexi-Cali, because even though they are more well off, they defiantly don't take care of stuff & leave trash everywhere for other people to pick up! 

Saturday night we went to a really nice reservations only restaurant called Paco & Miguel's. Probably the only place in San Felipe that takes reservations, & only holds 10 people at a time. Paco is from Spain & is around 60 where Miguel is from Mexico & is in his 30's. They are gay & married in Spain last year, and the two of them run the restaurant together. So as you can imagine the service & food are spectacular.
 Earlier in the day Jeremy & I hung out at the pool & sipped Pina Colada's while reading, it was heaven!
Sunday I hid Jeremy a present (above) for easter! It's just not fun to have no hunt at all.. I was even a little bit sad that we didn't dye eggs, but oh well.
It was a lovely day at church with a baptism after. Here the kids are outside eating the candy we gave them for Easter. I swear the parents were just as ecstatic as the kids & were trying to steal some of it!
We invited a friend over for dinner because I had tons of food for company I thought was coming. I baked my first ham which turned out super yummy with Sandy's funeral potatoes that Jeremy requested. It was a delicious meal that we will probably be eating all week!
What a wonderful holiday weekend it was spending time together & thinking about the Savior.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jeremy's Jibberish

Golf Weekend
So let me start by saying I have the best wife ever...and yes, I said that hoping she would let me do a golf trip again at some point.  I think she is really hating how much I love golf, jealousy.  If she thought about it a little, she could really take advantage of this obsession.  How much would I sacrifice for a new Taylormade driver or a new set of irons?  I am fully aware that this blog audience will find this post boring at best, so please just let your husbands read it.  If that sounds sexist, that's because it is.  In my opinion, few females truly understand the mystique and reverence of the game of golf.  Anyway, back to the golf weekend.  So my dad invited me to go with him to a partnership meeting for a course he owns in Livermore, and so I invited a couple of my buddies to come along as well.  Golf is meant for a foursome, so I figured we were two short.  Well, once we figured out we had the right number, a two day trip would just not work, so we went for the four day trip.  I've always been a huge fan of symmetry.  During our planning stages, one of my dad's partners invited us to play Cypress Point, probably one of the most exclusive clubs in the world...special thanks to Phil.  So we set up the itinerary; Half Moon Bay - Saturday, Cypress Point - Sunday (Bad, I know, but seriously Cypress Point), Wente Vinyards - Monday, and Pasatiempo - Tuesday.  So for you non-golfers, Alister MacKenzie designed Cypress Point and Pasatiempo in the 1920's, and they are still considered some of the greatest golf designs ever done.  Pics will show below.  Our warm up round at Half Moon Bay was a little cold and foggy, but the Kemp boys still took $50 off of our unfortunate companions.  Sunday at Cypress was epic.  The clubhouse and locker room are not what you would expect, they seem old and run down, but have a unique ambiance of a nostalgic past.  We ate lunch in the dining room, best halibut I've ever eaten, then teed off.  The first tee shot is over 17 mile drive, the famous road in the golf area of Monterey.  Since Wes won't be reading this, I don't feel bad saying that he shanked two balls off the tee because he was so nervous.  The nerves calmed after about two holes, and the day was perfect.  At Cypress you walk, no carts unless you just had a hip replaced, and you take caddies.  It is exactly how golf was meant to be played.  I would totally become a caddie, but Cassie would steal all my tips.  Holes 12-18 have to be the greatest walk in golf.  The greens were wicked fast, but the caddies helped with every read.  Absolutely epic.  Monday we played in Livermore at The Course at the Wente Vinyards.  A fabulous Greg Norman design, with every hole original and unique.  I am a bit partial, since Big Earl still owns part of the course, but it is an amazing track.  Tuesday was Pasatiempo.  Pasatiempo was probably Alister MacKenzie's favorite design, with his favorite hole, #16.  He said it is the perfect two shot par four, and it won Wes and me $30, so I agree with him.  
Hole #16 at Cypress Point - 220 yard carry over water onto a peninsula - Lucky par for me.
#15 - Par 3 at Cypress Point, also over water...yes Dad, I know you birdied.
#5 at Cypress Point, Par 5.  Alister MacKenzie learned about hiding bunkers from the wars he fought in for Britain.  Notice how the bunkers are totally hidden after you reach the green in the next picture...amazing.
Wes on #13 at Pasatiempo.
#12 at Pasatiempo.
Big "E" on #11 at Pasatiempo.  
Me, Big "E", Chris, and Wes on the tee box of #10 at Pasatiempo.  It was probably the greatest back 9 design ever done.  Each hole was incredible.  Look closely at Wes' heels...tippy toes?  That angry little elf just gave himself 2".
Yes, Wes had an unplayable lie right in front of Alister MacKenzie's old home on #6 at Pasatiempo.
Me and Wes on #17 at Cypress Point.  A couple of good buddies who both got double bogey's on this hole.
#13 at Cypress Point...maybe my favorite hole, lipped out a birdie putt.
Phil, Big "E", me, and Wes on #15 tee box at Cypress Point...thanks again Phil, once in a lifetime experience.

Early Easter

If you can believe it I was in Utah again this last weekend! Jeremy had a golfing trip (he will blog about it, as I'm sure you are dying to know how that went). So much was going on at home I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to join in. I arrived Saturday just in time to hang out & help Prezley get ready for Davis's prom. (She also got asked to Viewmont's prom, she must be a popular gal!) I watched & critiqued as my mom braided her hair. Unfortunately I still don't know how to french braid, I really need to learn.
She looked SO beautiful. Disregard how ugly I look, I had been up since 4:00am that morning to catch the flight in..
Her date seemed like a real sweetie.
Poor kid got tons of awkward comments from the Potter's. Sure he won't be coming back to our house anytime soon! Ex: I just had to enlarge this so you could see the creepiness of Landon & Bryce.
So glad Prez has a ton more dances I can hopefully help her get ready for & wish it was me :)
That night I went with my parent's, Meg + Hawkes & my dad's friends Bob & Ginger to good old Ruby River. I used to work there and still really enjoy the food. I was surprised to see some of the same employees from when I had worked there almost 5 years ago!

Since Landon, Meg, Hawkes & Tanner are moving to Pittsburg for the summer to sell & would be gone before Easter my mom decided to bump up her annual Easter party to the Sunday I was there which worked out perfect for me!
Hawkes looking very festive & adorable!
I can't help it but he has taken over most of my camera sim card. He is just too cute!
 Some family Easter shots..

My mom invites all the close by relatives to come over every easter for a food & easter egg hunt. These are all the cousins who still participate in searching for the eggs. (I hid the eggs myself thank you very much)
The kids after they had gathered all the eggs. Oh the joys of being young. :) 
Hanging out with my momma & poppa after the party. Sure do love getting to spend time with them. Poor Atlas was too sick to come to the easter party so I visited them that night. He is so stinking cute, I love hearing his sweet little voice!
Since Landon & Meg are moving I went over to help pack. We basically went through Meghan's whole wardrobe which was super fun since she has zillions of cute clothes. She even let me borrow some for the summer! I got to take Hawkes home with me to play with while she went to work. We got to eat some cafe rio which I always crave & visit my Grandma Potter. I know she wont be here much longer so I try to visit her every chance I get. We were glad she was awake & really talkative. She was watching Shirley Temple & oh how I adore her. She actually always reminds me of Ella Lou since I used to watch it at her house when I was little. My Ella lou is as sweet as the candy she loves :) I love her so & will be sad when she is not around to break out in song at the most surprising moments :)
I got to play with Hawkes again as he came with me on some errands with my mother in law Sandy. We got Jeremy some much needed new garments, & some books off my summer reading list. I need to post a couple book reviews as I am really behind. Well that basically sums up my trip. I just love to spend time with my family & can't wait to travel around to visit everyone this summer!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Monday after Prezley was done competing we all got to visit disneyland! It was Hawkes first time @ the happiest place on earth & he really enjoyed it. His first ride being Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm pretty sure Meghan was more scared than he was!
He actually could go on quite a few rides, which was surprising.. We tried to convince Meg to ride the tower of terror but she is too big of a sissy! So this is as close as she got to an "adult" ride :)
2nd row on the left.
 Half way thru the day Jer met up with us with Truman. He was babysitting him while Amy & Chris move to a new pad! (Excited for them!) It was fun having such a big group.
 Jeremy's favorite ride is it's a small world, which really concerns my mom... Can't lie I think it's strange too, but I think he enjoys the culture of it? :)
 We left Disneyland at dinner to have a break & get some cheap pizza. Everyone needed to rest their feet for a bit. When we were well rested we headed back to watch the new attraction at California Adventure called a world of colors, or something like that.. It's basically the vegas water show with disney music & rainbows of color. Hawkes really enjoyed it..

Until he fell asleep... haha So funny seeing his head just slumped over :) It was really just ok, I probably wouldn't watch it again unless I was really close to see it well.
Meg headed back to the hotel to put him to bed while my mom, Prez & I headed out for one last ride. Prez chose the Jet star which was only 35 minutes. Not! That's what it said but it ended up being over an hour & a half! We were all half asleep in line.. Apparently on the ride too since we couldn't open our eyes..
I loved my trip!! Especially hanging out with little Hawkes. Can't wait for our trip next year!