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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm back & dumber than ever!

We are finally back from our Thanksgiving cruise!!
It really was such a blast!! So many fun memories & pictures. 
I truly have the greatest grandparents in the world! This is the 2nd cruise they have taken us on!
I'm so glad Jer got to come this time. So fun to have a buddy.
Since I have been home I have become a slave to laundry.
I mean how can just 2 people have this many dirty clothes!!!
(I guess I should have done all the laundry before we left on our trip...)
So for the past 2 days I have been doing loads & loads of dirty clothes when I started to see water leaking on the floor. I told Jeremy when he came home from work so he pulled the washer & dryer out to reveal a huge puddle of blue gunk.. I tell Jer that the blue gunk smells similar to our laundry detergent. Jer searches & can't quite figure out where the problem is & where all the blue liquid is coming from. I explain to him I think it is our laundry detergent leaking.
Jer: "That's not possible because it's mixed in with the water so it wouldn't be this thick."
Me: "Well it doesn't go directly in the water, it filters through the top so it must get clogged there before going into the water?"
Jer: "Where are you dumping the detergent?"
Me: "Right there where it goes."
Jer: "Oh... so where it says Liquid Bleach only?"
Me: Ya... 
(thinking... what does that mean...thinking.. hmmmm..)
Me: "Oh I guess that's only for bleach & our detergent is not totally liquid..."
Jer: "How long have you been putting it there?"
Me: "Since we got married.."

Wow people could I be any dumber? I swear I know how to read.. I just used to have a washing machine where you put the liquid in the top... Or I think I did?
Anyways I got to climb behind our washer & clean all the blue gunk up.
It was SO fun. Jer just laughed at me.
New Years resolution: Get more smarter or something...
Stay tuned posts on cruise coming up!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Since I will be on the cruise over Thanksgiving I just wanted to jot down a couple things I am thankful for in my life right now.
*Diesel. My constant buddy so I never feel alone.
*The Ocean. Brings such a peaceful feeling.
*The Internet. I know it sounds bad, but I am so grateful to be able to stay in touch with my family & friends. It really is amazing how it can make me feel like I'm not a million miles away.
*My mom. I love that she let's me call her everyday. Even if we have nothing new to say. It always just makes me feel happier talking to her.
* Our Ward/Church. Even though it frustrates me not understanding anything half the time, & I get annoyed at the random things the old americans say. I truly am grateful to have such a unique opportunity to be apart of a growing bilingual & bicultural ward. The spirit can still be felt :)
*I am thankful for new friends who encourage me & entertain me.
*Being financially stable.
*Traveling. Though I don't like residing in MX, I am so glad for the opportunity to travel so often. Whether it's CA, UT or anywhere else, it truly keeps me sane. ;)
*Jeremy's family. I am so grateful for his family & how much they help & support us. Especially Chris & Amy for always letting us stay with them. Plus Truman & Teddy are the cutest, it will be so fun when our kids can play together.
*Freedom/Government. I love & respect all the people who fight for our country. I also really appreciate how our country is run. Even though I am not into politics whatsoever, & I know things are negative right now, seeing the way things work in Mexico I can't complain about what I have always had. Trust me it's a bazillion times better!
*Family. I love & cherish all my brother's, sister, sister in laws & nephew(s). After being married & away I realize how important they are to me. I care so much how they are doing & what's going on in their lives. I am so grateful for the relationships I have with each & every one of them, & their love & support of me.
*Grandparents. They really just are the best. I look up to them so much. Love them.
*The dvd player in Jeremy's truck. It REALLY helps on those long rides.
*Utah. It was a lovely place to live & grow up.
*Books. I have recently been a big reader. I love the entertainment it brings.
*My Dad. For always supporting our family & being the best example of what a loving, humble, honorable man should be. For giving me everything I ever dreamed of.
*Jeremy. For being the best husband ever! For always making me smile. For always letting me escape from Mexico to see my family & friends. For being so easy going & happy all the time. For not always saying or doing what I want, but being what I need. For always pushing me to be better. He truly makes me a better person. He is my best friend & so easy to live with. For loving Diesel more than I do.. haha. For working hard, & letting me spend his hard work.  For doing the dishes, I really hate to do them. For loving & supporting me. I truly am so grateful I married him.

Im sure there are a million other things I am grateful for, or should be thankful for, but those are just the ones that came to mind. Even though I complain a lot about living in Mexico I still am grateful for what I have or have had.
Here is a sneak peak of our recent family pictures with Kelli!
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New friends & Jer's back!!

Look at these beauties!! They are my new friends. I have always wanted a mannequin to be able to put my creations on. They make an awesome addition to my craft room! (Thanks Meghan & Landon) :)
Speaking of my craft room.. It used to look like this..
 And has evolved into this..
I know, it's kind of a HUGE mess. (This is after Jer made me clean it up by the way) Don't worry that I have been meaning to finish that green dress for month's now.. Somehow it turned into a decoration. With all my accumulated stuff & christmas crafts it's hard to keep clean. Plus I like all my stuff out so I know what I have and don't forget about anything. I know I need some sort of organization.. maybe in January? 
Ps- Just so we are clear I absolutely HATE that framed piece of art on the wall. Pisses me off every time I look at it. Looks like a breakfast face & it bugs me. Just had to say it.

In other news my Jer Bear is back!!! Not that he was really physically gone, but he just wasn't himself the last 2 weeks. He was really stressed with work & a church calling looming over his head, among lack of sleep & other things. Not that he didn't want a calling, he is just a control freak so it really bothers him to not know what's going on. Anyways he was such a bummer the last 2 weeks in his own world & pretty quiet which I hate.
I am SO glad he is feeling better! It makes me grateful for his usually happy & positive demeanor. He really is such a joy to be around 99% which is so great. I love hanging out with him, so yay he is back! Love him.
 Just in time!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Decor & such

This weekend we made a quick trip up to San Diego to get some supplies I needed & so Jer could golf. Typical. I was in love walking around seeing all the christmas decorations & such. I especially loved this reindeer at the one & only anthropologie. I so want this in my house..
Have any of you made your xmas wish list yet?? Well if you are wealthy make sure to add these beauties to it! Aren't they the best things ever? Especially for people like me who don't ride bikes well..(U.O)
 I put up the first holiday decorations that I thought worked for thanksgiving. So fun to spruce the condo up, even though I always wish it was my own house which will not even include the color brown in it.
Acorn garland from modcloth & tree vases from anthro. It will look much better when I put up the wreath I made along with other christmas decorations :)
Jeremy & I are excited for our thanksgiving cruise, which is only 5 days away!!! We are pretty sad to be leaving our little buddy for so long though. We would totally take him if we could.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey everyone!
Hope you are having a wonderful day :)
Could you do me a favor??!!
Remember me brother & sister in law?
Well as I have mentioned before they create art.
They have submitted some of their art/designs into threadless tees!
If the designs get scored well, they get made into a T-shirt & I believe Nick & Erin win some $$$.
So here are the designs, all you have to do is click on the links & score them a 5!

So PLEASE do me a big favor & vote for their designs. If you do & comment back that you did, I may have a surprise for you. :) 
Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shrimp Festival

This last weekend was Shrimp Festival in San Felipe. Every one goes down to the Malecoen for lot's of shrimp & cheap beer. It is to celebrate the beginning of shrimp season for the fisherman. I do have to say the shrimp from mexico is the one, if not the only thing that is better than in the states. I did not find our weekend down there very eventful, but someone did manage to get a picture of us. 
My double chin is lovely. Hey at least Jer is smiling right?

The Mockingjay

This week at our house has felt like a elementary school read-a-thon. Minus the treats. :(
Jer read the first book of the Hunger games in 3 days & now is currently devouring the 2nd book Catching fire. Seriously he denied me the other night saying he was too tired, then within ten minutes flipped the lamp on his side of the bed & continued reading! So funny, he is obsessed.
Our house is literally silent, because I have been finishing the last book Mockingjay.
If you have NOT read the last book do not continue reading!
I was honestly pretty devastated finishing this book. A lot because it is over, but it also left it on a sour note for me. I felt as if the first 2 books were perfectly paced & really made you feel every hardship, emotion, death & triumph. Seriously sometimes I got teary eyed. (dorky I know) In this last book I thought it speed through all the action where I thought could have been explained more & really been enjoyable with more details. I also thought it got more violent, not in a disturbing way but felt like so many people died. I felt like main characters that I cared about were dying left & right with less then a couple sentences on each. Lots of the time Katniss was drugged up or in a depressing state, leaving little hope of recovery. In the end I was most disappointed in how the love triangle with Peeta, Gale & Katniss ended! Half the book she had given up on Peeta just leaving him to fend for himself when she went off with Gale to kill President Snow. Then to have Gale just go to another district at the end & her end up with Peeta with no real good explanation really bothered me. I really felt like they left out any real connection with Katniss & Peeta or Gale which should have been developed more, because in the end it didn't really seem like either would make that joyful of a reunion. It left little hope of a happy life or ever after.
So there you have it. I am a little angry because I loved the first 2 books & wanted to finish loving the 3rd. I just felt like it left me wanting more & feeling a little depressed. Anyone else finish the last book & feel the same? I guess I will wait to see what Jer thinks.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What will you put on your tree?

So last year as we were getting ready for Christmas & talking about tree's specifically, Jeremy informed me of a tradition his family has. Their grandma used to decorate the tree all in one color every year. Some years all white, some gold, but the year she died the tree had been all red. So Jeremy told me every year that our main tree HAD to be red. ALL RED. Now I think the tradition is so super sweet.. but all red? Every year? Really takes the fun out of decorating a tree! (Amy you are lucky Chris hasn't adapted this tradition!) So as we fought back & forth over the tree situation Jeremy settled that we could have 2 tree's as long as the MAIN tree is red. Fine. I can live with that. So I started browsing & decided I am going to start my very OWN tradition. Every year I will decorate my tree as a theme. 
Something like a woodland tree with a moose & acorns.
 Possibly Russian dolls theme, since they are my current obsession.
Chinese ceramic theme. 
 Hot Air balloons would be fun.
 Or how about bedazzled birdcages, india inspired, sparkly north pole creatures, or the zoo!

 I mean the possibilities are endless! Picking just ONE is the hard part.. I may have to have many small tree's instead :) 
All ornaments found via anthropologie.
I mean seriously that place amazes me. Ornaments from every range of the spectrum! Don't get me wrong some of their stuff looks like home made vomit to me, but the rest is truly lovely!
Do any of you have holiday traditions that you love?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Decisions.. Decisions..

So in a couple of weeks I am headed off on a cruise with my whole extended family. Wahoo!
My stomach is looking chunky due to the fact that I have zero physical activity lately. BOO:(
So Jeremy & I have made an agreement that if I engage in 45 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week until the cruise I get a new swimming suit!
My swim suit obsession has really died down this last year, but when Maaji came out with their 2011 swimwear my obsession came right on back! Seriously they make the most unique, colorful, awesome suits! Here are some in the running:

The fabrics the use are just so cool. Did I mention they are reversible? I am taking opinions so please help me decide which suit I should choose!
Take a look at the 2011 catalogue.