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Monday, January 26, 2015

Halloween 2014

Since Kingsley loves to watch Peter Pan we thought it was necessary to use Sandy's old captain hook and Peter pan costumes for a family halloween costume. We decided to make the boys our sidekicks smee and tinkebell.
 Jeremy had outgrown his peter pan outfit since he wore it in a play when he was younger :)
Love this crew
 My little tink!
 How sweet are these boys!

 Kingsley was really stoked about his toy knife
 He may hate me later, but I think he makes a pretty cute tinkerbell!
Loved seeing this little smee.
Holidays are just so much more fun with kids. Kingsley was so excited to walk around and get candy.
Look at this cheese face!
He can fly!!
One night Jeremy was out of town so I headed over to my moms ward Halloween party and dresses the boys up as bikers. Unfortunately I didn't know Hudson was sick and he vomited all over.
Earlier in the week, Kingsley had been sick so Jeremy took Hudson to the Oakridge Halloween party as a handsome lumber jack.
And last but not least the ward halloween party Kingsley wore his Max the wild things costume again and Hudson was a little animal. Just love dressing these little dudes up!
Happy Halloween!

Farmington Trail 2014

The weather has been amazing this fall so we made our way out to walk the farmington trail. The boys both love seeing the animals.
Here Hudson is wearing our Zebra P+Otter Raglan.
He will never stay still for photos!
Love this handsome Kinger, I need to take more photos with these sweet dudes!