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Friday, July 30, 2010

An awesome giveaway!

Remember this cute necklace I bought from oh, hello friend?
Well she is having the BEST giveaway ever! Anthro is involved! So head on over and enter if you are a reader of oh, hello friend!
(will post more about Renegade later today.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Renegade..

So last saturday I was lucky enough to attend the Renegade Craft Fair In LA.
(Thanks to my sister in law Erin for bringing it to my attention.)
And it was a girls craft dream!
It ended up being super hot & got very crowded, but I won't complain too much.
Amy & I got there a little before it started to make sure we didn't miss any of the good stuff!

I totally want to get one of these to put on a coffee table.

Embroidery & Needlepointing are my new obsessions. I never will be capable to needlepoint but am working on an embroidery piece right now! Pictures coming soon.

I bought some pretty colored felt from OhMaFelt for some projects I am working on.

I love the concept of threadless tees. Artists (who could be you) submit artwork & then everyone votes on whether it should be a new print for a T-shirt. They have the best selection & cute kids stuff too. So I loved seeing there booth there! Check threadless out!

Amy & I made our first purchase at GNOME ENTERPRISES which had cool prints. We especially liked the below Pac Man ones & though our men would appreciate them since they love nintendo!

Jer is such a dork!

How cute is little Truman in his matching shirt!

I also grabbed this belt for Jer from Bare Tree Apparel because he broke his white one he always wears.

One of my favorite purchases I got from ohhellofriend a blog I love to follow. I am in love with my birdcage necklace. She had a lot of other cute items, but I only had so much $$.
I loved this nice guy and all his posters! I never ended up getting one though because I couldn't decide which one I wanted.
I had to get this shirt with Diesel on it, I love repping pugs :) From Squid Ink Kollective.

There are so many headbands now a days but I thought these too beat the rest so I added them to my slim collection. From Bobby Soxie on etsy.

Me with my new headband. In a haze apparently? 

Last but not least these cute clips from Beyond Wonderland. I am loving these little russian dolls lately.

Well that's all my purchases though there were MANY other things I wanted! (I will blog about those tommorrow.)
Anyways I had tons of fun & glad Amy could come with me. I really enjoy hanging out with her & am so glad we are sister in laws!

Can't wait till Renegade next year!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thinking of Diesel..

I'm pretty positive Diesel (my dog) likes wearing clothes.
He likes to be fashion forward just like his momma.
So since he hasn't learned how to sew & I have (he is just so lazy)
I am pretty sure he want's me to make this for him for the colder months ahead.
I mean he is practically begging me. So I shall.

If any of you find your pet would like a similar outfit, directions are http://prettylittlethings.typepad.com/lori_marie/2008/02/this-little-pig.html

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little men..

It is raining men!
Well baby boys anyways. I found out my sister in law Meghan is having a boy!
So right now I currently have two boy nephews, & two on the way.
 I am so excited to meet the 2 new little guys.
So I started searching the internet for cute boy stuff.. Turns out it was a lot harder then I thought!
This is what I found:
Elias & Grace

Flora & Henri

Fore! Axel & Hudson

My Rocking Wardrobe.
Plus there were typical cute things at Gap, & Target. But these were the most different ones I could find.

Monday, July 19, 2010

We almost made it back to Mexico..

So just as we got off our flight from Salt Lake to Long beach Jeremy got a phone call.
We were prepared & planning on driving down to San Felipe that monday. 
Well Jeremy's boss called to tell him he needed to fly out to mexico city that next day for a meeting.
So there I was stranded in Cali. Happily I might add.:)
Amy (my sister in-law) thankfully took me in.
I got to hang out with my cute nephew Truman. He is such a riot. He is such a little talker!
This kid seriously will be smarter then me within the next five years.
Luckily the next day Amy had a sitter & jer around to watch Truman so we made a trip to L.A!
I have been thru Los Angeles but never actually IN it. So she needed to go to some home decor stores so I gladly accompanied her.
It was so fun minus the 2 hour traffic on the way back. Though we weren't in the downtown part I kept telling Amy how I expected to see some weird things and people that I could look at and say "Oh they are FOR SURE from L.A..."
I guess since I hear so much about people from L.A. that I expected aliens or something? So I was happy though when I saw an old lady sporting this fabulous purse.. haha

Anyways we also stopped by the biggest Anthropologie store I have ever been in. Two stories! I was in clothing heaven. I currently have 49 things in my online shopping cart right now, & I can only afford about 2 items per month so... Ya you can do the math & see the dilemma I'm in.
We had fun in all the cool furniture stores, Amy has very modern taste so its fun to go with her & see what she likes. I still have a mix of asian, vintage, modern taste that decorating a house my just look random at this point.

Me & Amy down by the ocean.

Im so excited because Amy & I will be going to L.A. again this weekend for the Renegade Craft Fair!

I am so so so pumped. It's gonna be craft heaven!!! I will take tons of photos & post about all the fun things I saw & hopefully bought!

I just read this book and am absolutely obsessed!!! I have just recently (since living in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do) become a reader. I am going thru probably a book a week. So not that I have many books under my belt besides the ones I have read this year I must say this book is one of my favorites. My mother in-law suggested it and wow is it a gem! Take my advice & read it, you will love it! I am dying to get up the states so I can buy the 2nd book.
For all of you hills fans (sigh.. it's over now) you might recognize this lady..

That's right it's the scary but somehow lovable boss Kelly Cutrone. This is what I am currently reading. It is so blunt, no BS awesomeness on how to live your life. I can't say it's all that helpful to me in particular since I live in the opposite of New York's booming fashion district, & always shy away from confrontation. I do however share her views on honesty even though it sometimes drives my husband crazy. ( Sorry hun but when your outfit looks stupid I feel like it's my job to tell you the truth.)
Anyways it's very entertaining to read about how she came to where she is now with being homeless, having an abortion, 2 divorces and so on and so forth.
WARNING: If you know anything about Kelly you may know she loves to use profane language, & her book has some expected naughty words. Just FYI.
Well thats  about it.

Lake Powell with the Potter's

So after the 4th my family took a much needed trip to Lake Powell.
It is one of our favorite vacation spots!
Sadly Landon, Meg, Nick, Erin, & Atlas couldn't come.
But the show must go on..
So along with the original Potter's my uncle Johnny & aunt Ashley came with their two oldest kids Sam & Chase which was nice so my younger bro Jaxon had buddies. (besides Jer)
Along with them my cousin Brooke her husband Vaughn, & their daughter Emerson joined us.
It was especially fun to have her since her and Vaughn are close in age to me and Jer. 
Though sometimes we wished Vaughn & Jer hadn't taken a liking to each other because we found ourselves alone when they went on "guy adventures" with each other and Tanner & his buddies.
Anyways without further ado pictures from our trip:

Can't wait till next year! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Other fun things in Utah..

So much happened in Utah it's hard to remember everything but I am going to try my best.
First things first.. Kaysville just upgraded. Big time! They now are slightly more up to date with the rest of the world because they now have frozen yogurt!
So exciting. Pictured above is original tart flavor with strawberries, granola, & chunks of cheesecake.
It seriously is heaven.

I also got to spend time with my grandma & grandpa Ballam. They are such special people in my life. It almost breaks my heart to spend time with them though, because I see how fragile they are becoming and it reminds me I don't have much time left with them.

This night I went with them to the musical Annie get your gun. It was very enjoyable, and their front row seats make it that much better. They are also sweet enough to give us one dollar for a treat :)

The next day the took all the near by daughter's and grand daughter's to lunch at robintino's. It was my grandpa's treat, because he wanted to let us know how much he appreciated all the women in his life. He talked about tacy, his mom, and even her mom, and how they influenced his life. He talked about all the support women have given him, and it's always nice to hear about how important you are to someone. He also told each of us grand daughter's a memory that included us. It was a fun lunch that I will never forget. Thanks Grandpa!

On another afternoon I got to go over and spend time with my brother Nick, Erin &  Atlas.

Man I love this kid he is so cute. It is always fun to be with these guys especially one on one because my family is getting so big it's hard to get quality time with everyone. Erin & I also went to the craft store to get some items to decorate her house. She is so creative I hope one day to have my own house so her & I can decorate it, and she will know how to help me do it myself.

Last but not least my whole family went to the movie....

(except Jer who wasn't in town yet)
And you may not believe me but he was very sad he missed it. He actually did read all the books & really liked them.
So I thought this was by far the BEST movie of them all. Though it still had cheesy moments and a pretty anti climatic end, I still thought it was pretty awesome. I mean come on it's like you can't really be disappointed by the nerdyness of it, it involves teenagers & we all know how lame they can be. Add vampires, werewolves, and a mormon writer.. It's as good as you can expect.
So with that being said and adding I think Kristen Stewart is an awful actress.. I basically loved the movie & found it highly entertaining. I think all the action in the 3rd book is what made this movie the best so you didn't just watch bella & edward talk and kiss the whole time. Ps there was still a lot of kissing in this movie, it was more awkward that the camera's were so close to their faces.
Anywho can't wait for the next movie!

I found this when I googled eclipse & thought it was a pretty cool one.
Right after twilight I got lucky enough to get to eat dinner & hang out with Kendall, Bryce, Landon, Meg & others. Kendall used to be basically my neighbor. We would always hang out and go to concerts. He was even a man maid at my wedding :)

I miss my buddy. Kendall moved away shortly after I moved away & it's so sad. So I was happy to get to chat with him at dinner. I hope to take a trip & visit him sometime soon.

That's the worst part about moving is not being able to see family & friends as much. I always want to be there for all of them and keep a good relationship but it's hard when I don't know what is going on.
But Jer & I should have more permanent plans within the next couple of months, so I will be sure to keep you updated!
Love Cass