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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday WANTS!

It is a rather hot day here in mexico, so I couldn't stay outside too long without melting.  So I came up with my wednesday wish list:

This adorable measuring set from modcloth.
This cute spring top from anthropologie.
I so so want these shoes from SeyChelles.
These stunning beach towels by Amy butler.
And last but not least this dress mannequin from UO. I told Jeremy I wanted it for christmas because I probably can't afford it right now.
Well that's all for now folks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Fair... (Mexican Style)

This weekend Jeremy & I stayed in mexico, since I will be going home to Utah for a week next weekend.
Friday night we had a lazy night & and I loved it actually! It consisted of:
watching the jazz game.
hawaiian pizza. yum.
mini martinelli's. so cute.
otter pop's for dessert.
cuddling to sleep.

Saturday was a lot more eventful. We slept in till ten. (Well together anyways, I always wake up around ten.. lazy I know) Then we ventured off to the pool where Jer played water volleyball with the old folks and I listened to my ipod which I never seem to get to do anymore. Then golf. blah. We went to a new restaurant in town that has real food. Real good food for that matter, so I was so happy about that. All the time we ran into a bunch of people we knew so it was fun feeling social :) Then we went to Al's place and played some pool. Though I am not even remotely good at playing pool it keeps me entertained none the less.

 So this is where are night gets good. Or should I say bad. I guess it depends on which way you look at it?

Jeremy & and I found ourselves at the FAIR.  Let's be honest, though they can be kinda fun and cute fairs are mostly ghetto.  Well so if you mexicanize the fair it's basically just down right scary. First we decided to go on a ride that I quite like at lagoon.
This is before the ride started... when we were still smiling..
So on this particular ride it goes around in a circular motion and depending on which way you lean your specific seat can spin around fast or slowly sway from side to side. When I have been on the one at lagoon it lasts maybe 45 seconds. Not at a mexican fair..

This is what I experienced for over 5 minutes. I said 5 MINUTES. At least that's what it felt like.. That is a long time to be spinning around and around and around. We were laughing and enjoying ourselves at first.. and then it just kept going and going. We looked at the carni working our ride and he just looked back at us like we were getting our money's worth.
It was awful and we felt awfully sick afterward.

Next we played some darts. It was basically a really expensive game, that was impossible to win, with the most ghetto prizes I have ever seen.

So though I begged Jeremy no more rides he insisted we couldn't waste our tickets. So after my stomach had semi settled we went on this. 
Only to be put in a horribly sicker state. 
You can imagine what this ride does which is basically sway forward and back until you make a full circle.  What I did not expect was for it to keep stopping at the top of its swinging motion with the bar smashing your stomach. Along with the fact that like the previous ride it went on and on. I was so close to vomiting it makes me queasy just thinking about it. We immediately went home after this and I laid in bed holding my stomach and groaning until I fell asleep.

So I learned my lesson. Though Fair's can look cute and fun, I think we should leave the rides to the little tikes. Adult stomachs are just not made for this.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crafting Lately

Lately I have gotten back together with crafting, and have been pleased with the results. I found this retro colorful print & bought it not knowing what I would even use it for.  I decided to make a dress and just matched it with a black shirt. I loved how the top turned out! The skirt is a little uneven at the bottom, but I am a beginner what can you expect! 
I also made this grey flower head band which I love! I think I am going to make one in every color. Even Jer was impressed. Since sometimes it's hard to take pictures of myself diesel usually is my model :) I also showcased my new purple tights!
So today is cold and windy outside which means I am stuck inside.  Sand and wind is basically the worst combination ever!  So I am going to make the best of it and finish up the project I have been working on to have something to match my lavender tights!

Monday, April 19, 2010


So lately we have been up in the states a lot which makes me very happy :) I love being able to eat deli sandwiches, go to the mall, and just be around english speaking people. 

Jeremy is really obsessed with improving his golf game, yawn.. (I just think the sport of golf is so boring!) & surfing.  He has been going with his brother Chris, using a cheap foam board from Costco. Well as of last week he decided he was a professional. So...
He bought his very own big boy board! I wanted him to get a pretty mint green one, so I was a little bummed when he came home with this instead. 

Jer & Chris waxing his new board. I'm very excited for my hubby and his new toy. As soon as my body gets in better shape and the water is warmer, I think I will join him :)

Well tootles.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter, Earthquakes, and Potter's

Wow I just have soooo much to catch up on. My family came to visit me in Mexico for Easter, it was so fun! We played water volleyball, shopped in town, played tennis, dyed easter eggs, watched conference, golfed, went on a yacht, visited disneyland, saw the big cactus's, played soccer, listened to Jaxon complain, had wonderful food, packed uncomfortable car rides, and last but not least experienced an EARTHQUAKE!!! So here are some pictures from our trip!

So basically the pictures are all over the place out of order but Im too lazy to rearrange them. Hope you all had a lovely easter :)