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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's not over yet

Even though Valentine's Day has come & gone, the month of February is still not over. It seems I have finished my..
 just in time!!!
I wish I had finished it in time to send to someone, but I got to caught up on other things.. Maybe next year? I tried out some new stitching & was pleased with the look.
 I'm not sure I like the fabric I used to stitch on, but I'm glad I ventured out anyways.
I still need to finish my January embroidery..
 I need to start on my March embroidery to stay caught up! Just need to find a pattern I like..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mazatlan for President's Day

This last weekend for President's Day so we headed to Mazatlan to hang out with Chris, Amy & even Teddy! It is a cheap flight for us out of Tijuana & since we have a nice place to stay for free, it almost makes sense to take a vacation to Mexico from Mexico. ha ok but really a change of setting is always nice especially with other people to hang out with & talk to. 
One of the highlights of the trip for me was eating at El Cuchupetas.I love this picture Jeremy got above with the waiters sitting on the curb.Cuchupetas is famous in Mazatlan. It is in a small neighborhood in Villa Union. They have expanded into 3 different houses, they are so popular. We actually ended up eating here twice & I am still craving it! (Which says a lot because I am not a huge fan of any food in MX)
We usually order the crawfish but since they were out of it we went with the shrimp, which was equally as pleasing & delicious. It may not look it, but with the magic sauce on top it is SO yummy!

Jeremy thoroughly enjoying his meal. Cuchupetas is a family owned restaurant, 1st generation father on the right of the picture below. He is sorta creepy looking.The rest of the trip I must have had a gallon of salsa (w chips of course) & 5 pina coladas! You just can't really go wrong with that combination!One thing I enjoy about Mazatlan is what the houses & bldgs lack in quality they make up for in color. I love how the paint everything such vibrant colors to help detract from the dirtiness. Here are some examples:Because Jeremy is incapable of going without golfing every second, I accompanied him twice  around the course. (I know I'm a good wife :)) I have to say it is a really pretty course with lush greens, a view of the ocean & a million palm trees.
I just worked on my photography skills to keep me entertained.

I love these built in tunnels.
I'm glad he enjoys golfing, bet seriously it is so boring...
Good thing I had Amy to hang out with! We were lucky enough to get full body massages & facials! I have never had a facial but really enjoyed it & wish I could get them more often. Just makes your skin feel so fresh & smooth. It was so funny because the the Mexican ladies LOVED Teddy! The seriously went gaga over him. It must be cultural because they all talked in the same baby voice & had no problem squeezing him & asking to hold him right off the bat. Teddy didn't seem to mind :)
SInce we stayed on the resort most of the time we had a lot of down time. It was really nice to read & watch some movies. Teddy really liked watching t.v as well, he even had his own spot on the couch..
The Kemp clan. The picture of Jer & I was too horrendous to post.We stopped by to visit the baby turtles of course. They save tons of turtles every year that would have not survived on their own, due to predators & poachers. Last time we were in Mazatlan we were lucky enough to see the whole process of the turtle digging out the sand & laying the eggs.Unfortunately this time around the weather was not that great. The first 2 days it was pretty cold & windy. Plus with the added humidity it just made everything feel damp.. I had to keep wearing this ghostbuster zip up I brought just to lounge in. Anyways it did warm up one day, so I was happy we could go to the pool at least once.How cute is this picture of Amy & Teddy? Wedgie an all :)Here are a couple shots of the lovely house we get to stay in. It is beautiful, but can get pretty creepy at night, feeling like you are in an old haunted castle or something. I did get frightened the first night when it was just Jeremy & me...Well there you have it. That basically sums up our weekend more in pictures than in words. I was pleasantly surprised that every thing went smoothly, nothing got stolen & I didn't get sick. Success!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am currently obsessing over this right now..
 Why didn't Anthropologie come out with this site when I was getting married!? sigh.. Here are my 3 favorite wedding gowns:
Love the 1st one which is surprising since it is the least expensive, it just is so dreamy & vintage. I love the sparkly chest & tiers on the 2nd dress. The 3rd is just awesome with a million pleats!
 The best part is they even have sweet cover-ups so you could wear all these with g-ments! 

I didn't love the accessories, they were a little too crazy for my taste. I did however really really love
<------------------------- these shoes.
Aren't they just delightful??
I would wear these every day if I owned them! Alas they are very expensive :(

I wonder if Jeremy wants to renew our vows... I'm sure he lays awake at night wishing he could re-do our wedding to wear a new suit he saw online.. haha
Well in my dreams I guess..

Images/screenshots from BHLDN.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hey Jeremy here.. So I think this should be called "Jeremy's Jabs" not "Jeremy's Jibberish" because everything I say is extremely important and would not be said unless it could drastically change somebody's life... you're welcome family or strangers.  So Valentine's Day party at the church!?!  Really? Does that seem strange to anyone else.  Why would a church have a Valentine's Day party?  Are we supposed to bring a love note and fun dip to give to the big man upstairs?  Needless to say, Judas Iscariot did not get a Valentine from me, but I did bring one for Moroni, he totally deserves it.   I don't get it.  So we went, even though I asked Cassie if I could just cook her dinner and give her a massage, but no luck.  So we had the amazing "opportunity" to go.  When we arrived, Hermando Santos (Brother Saints) asked me to go pick up the 1963 Karaoke machine.  It weighed about 300 pounds and was larger than William "the fridge" Perry (greatest D lineman to ever play the game).  Apparently we really needed the machine there, since Hermano Santos was the only one who actually karaoke'd, and decided it was appropriate to sing 6 or 7 Mexican songs.  So to back track a little, BR Norton died.  He was a member our branch and was recently baptized.  Honestly, the guy is the salt of the earth, and is heading straight to heaven.  We were really sad when we heard. So how does the loss of a loved branch member merge with ridiculously awesome karaoke?  Well Hermano Santos decided that a shout out to BR in the middle of a mexican jam was appropriate... seriously.  I translated for Cassie, and it basically went something like this, "BR, we miss you, where ever you are!" and then an extended arm and finger towards the heavens.  It was classic, especially in between an amazing Banda tune.  Could the party have gotten any more awkward or strange? Of course it could.  I love the fact that Christianity and the Mormon church accepts all, especially those without permanent address' or homeless.  I believe we have three in our branch.  They are the first one's to shake your hand when you get to church and some of the nicest members in the branch.  My only problem is, I don't really want them serving me food at the Valentine's party, but that was the assignment they were given.  Seriously relief society, think before you give out assignments.  If I feel like I need to wash my hands after a warm salutation, what do you think I feel I should do after eating a plate of food just served?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Bear Love

Valentine's Day went a little something like this..
10am- cleaned the whole house.
12pm- walk Diesel/chat with grandparents.
(My grandparents are so stinking cute. I sent them a Valentine with some fun dip in it, & they wanted to know what amount of water they should use to make it into a kool aid? Apparently they had never had it before, so I had to explain that is was just pure sugar you eat :))
1pm- come home from my walk to see Jer doing the dishes... *In love* doing the dishes is my least favorite wifely duty!
1:01pm- Diesel & I notice the biggest bear we have ever seen!!!
It came along with a really sweet Vday playlist :)
(which was funny since I was going to make Jer a playlist, but every time I asked him to bring home a blank c.d he wouldn't & said he'd forgot. Really he was just stealing my idea!)
 At first Diesel was a little skeptical of Mr. Bear... Possibly even frightened I think, but this is what I found when I came downstairs from putting away laundry....
L   O   V   E
4pm- Jer comes home early from work & we play donkey kong for 2 hours. It was really romantic. :)
6pm- feel obligated to attend our ward Valentine's party. Stay for 2 hours of awkwardness. Jeremy promises me HE will blog about it.
8pm- sad moment.. We had planned to watch the Bachelor, but somehow it hadn't recorded..
I was basically devastated.
8:30pm-on: gave Jeremy a coupon for a free massage, that he redeemed immediately. Bathed & listened to Jeremy's wonderful playlist. Took a trip down memory lane, talking about funny/nice things we remembered while we were dating. Jeremy slept like a baby while I uploaded pictures on my computer.

All & all it was a really nice Valentine's Day. Even though I didn't get diamonds, a nice dinner, or a huge romantic gesture I think it was perfect.. I got to hang out with my best friend. It is always nice to spend one day thinking of the another person & doing nice things for them. Jeremy made me feel special & loved & I think that's what it's all about...
Hope everyone had a wonderful Love day!
xoxo Cassie & Diesel :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pre Valentine's Dinner

This Sunday we headed off to a Valentine's dinner at the Pavillion. It was surprisingly very enjoyable. First off I had a hot date which is always a plus. He threw a fit about having to wear this outfit, but I assured him he looked very handsome.
(Yes he is playing nintendo, that's why he looks so intent)
The food was the best I have ever had down here. Tomatoe bisque soup, filet mignon with asparagus & potatoes, chocolate cake + chocolate bear. It was really yum.
I don't know why I look like a she-man in picture, but just go with it.
I had originally been very skeptical of a mariachi band playing during dinner because I often find them to be loud & annoying. To my surprise they were great, with wonderful voices. I wouldn't say it was romantic music but it was a large dinner, so that wasn't going to happen.
Jeremy ended up getting a lot of attention for his pink tie, everyone loved it! He seriously was getting compliments left & right, loving it of course.
It was a very lovely evening, even with some obnoxious canadians at our table & witnessing a 200lb lady with corn rolled braids give this old dude we know a lap dance.. It was really weird at this nice formal dinner, but they were just sharing the love right?? IDK

Sunday, February 13, 2011

How old is too old?

 Is there an age limit to when you are supposed to stop sending Valentine's? I hope not, because I'm 25 & still sending them.. I don't think you should ever be too old for cute stationary & candy! Let's be honest, I will use any excuse to get out my Martha Stewart glitter :)
Today was a rough day in primary.. At one point there was a dog pile that ended up with a  child hurt of course. I pulled him out of the bottom of the pile to comfort him. Once he had finished crying we noticed he had a bloody nose that had gotten all over my shoulder.. rats, I hope it washes out. :( Besides that the communication issues were higher today then usual, which is always annoying for both parties. Anyways better luck next week right?

Jeremy & I have a Valentine's dinner to attend to tonight. We thought we had bought tickets for tomorrow but apparently it had always been set for tonight.. Oh well, I hope the food is good :) Hope we can figure out something semi festive for tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe I will clean the house :)