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Thursday, August 26, 2010


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Today we had a super fun lunch at paradise bakery. I was glad I got to see all these girls. All their kids are so cute, too bad I don't have one :) It makes me wish I lived in Utah so bad so we could all hang out.
Before lunch I went with my cuz Brooke to run some errands. We stopped at costco, so Emmy & I tried on every pair of glasses while Brooke was getting her's fixed.
Seriously how cute is she with glasses!!??
After lunch I headed over to my aunt Cammi's to see her brand new little girl Hope McCall Potter.
She is so adorable. She shares a name with my cousin Courtney & I. It is special to me since Courtney & I were very close & she has passed away. I miss her very much. It was fun to visit with my aunt Cammi, she used to babysit me all the time. She is always so happy & fun to be around.
Later in the day I went with my sis Prez to look for school things for her.
We ended up finding a bunch of shoes at target.
We found these cute wedges on clearance at target.
Can you tell which boots cost $100 & which cost & $30? I can't tell... Unfortunately mine are the pricer version :(
Another fun day in Utah. Only a couple days left!


  1. WAY fun lunch :) You really need to talk Jer into moving back...seriously!!! Oh and thanks so much for letting me borrow your shaver...your the best ;)

  2. Ok we need to plan some sort of intervention in October to make him move back! I seriously wish I could hang out with you guys all the time! I always give shavers to friends, it just means so much :)