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Friday, January 29, 2010

What is the point of blogging..

So I find myself having a hard time thinking of things to blog about.. Not because my life is boring (I'm having a good day), but because sometimes I don't see the point. For some reason I have lost interest in taking pictures which is unbelievable to me. Some weekends I could take over 100 pictures. Maybe because I was single and I loved posting on facebook all the cool things I was doing. Lame I know but I've matured so much from then. Any who, I think those are always entertaining but I can't seem to find anything I would like to have a picture of?

So that leaves me more with writing/typing things. I know some people say they use blogging as a journal. I can't seem to put myself in that category seeing as I haven't written in my journal since 2008 and I can write faster then I can type anyways.

So I guess ultimately I am having writer's block. Although I have opinions, ideas, and things going on in my life I never feel the need or want to blog about them. So I am going to keep trying to post something, even if it's only about not having anything to post. Just so you know I'm trying. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The art of bedazzling..

So sometimes when I can't think of anything else to do I decide to do what Jer loves to say, and BEDAZZLE. Bedazzle means to take something plain and jazz it up. Originally that consisted of jewels or glitter, but I think it has evolved since then but not much. The great thing about this is you either end up with something totally cool and unique, or you made the once boring item just down right ugly. So though the results are not always positive, it's the fun of being creative and hoping for something new and original. Here are a few of my latest bedazzled works..

These are fabric flowers I have made and put on pins so I can attach them to clothes or headbands. I have made and put on pins so I can attach them to clothes or headbands.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The thing that never gets old..

There is one thing that I love that I will never get tired of. That is looking at pictures of my baby atlas. Technically he is not mine since I didn't birth him. He does however have my same blood so I feel that I can use the word 'my' when to referring to him. Somedays I spend hours and hours deciding on which picture to set as my new wallpaper. The choices are always tough especially since his parents are very good at documenting him which I am forever grateful. Thank you Nick and Erin. So this week I need help deciding which picture to choose, I have narrowed it done from about 50 in the last hour, so it's between these...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This should be interesting...

So to get started I guess I better explain a little bit about myself and why on earth I got talked into starting a blog. So recently I was married and was all but thrilled to be moving with my new love to sunny California. Somewhere I had always dreamed of living. Lucky me right? Well let's just say something went wrong... and I mean horribly wrong. Something changed with Jeremy's (husband) work to where we would need to live on site. Now your thinking where could that be, Arizona, New York, maybe even stuck back in Utah? Think again. Think of somewhere with no grass instead dirt, and I mean LOTS of dirt, old people, annoying spanish and no Walmart. Thats right I said not even Walmart or Mcdonalds for that matter. Mexico. This is where I live M E X I C O. Now you might be thinking how much you loved your last vacation to Mexico. Well this my friend is no where near that beautiful vacation spot your dreaming of. San Felipe the place I live that I'm sure you have never heard of may be the most awful, boring, ugly place you have ever seen. It is undeveloped, 99% is covered in dirt, there may be only about 15 restaurants within the ten mile radius of the whole city. It happens to be only filled with retired folks and pure breed mexicans. And my only way out of this place is a 4 hour drive to California. Oh and did I mention I get car sick? I could go on and on but I will try to keep this as positive as possible. (You will soon find out what a huge pessimist I am:)) So I know your thinking come on it can't be that bad, which I get told all the time. But I assure you it is. So I started this blog as requests of friends to give them a little insight of the random things that entertain me in a day to keep me from going crazy. Such things as starting to talk to my dog Diesel, out of sheer boredom. That's why I named my blog Diesel in bloom. Enjoy!