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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2 weeks in Mazatlan

Jeremy had to re-roof some temples in MX and knew he would be traveling a lot so he figured it would be cheaper & more fun if we all came and stayed in Mazatlan. I was worried two weeks would be too long, but turns out it was just perfect.

My biggest complaint would be actually getting there. Prezley and I almost missed the flight from SLC to LA because of not having a ticket for Hudson since he was sitting on my lap. The layover in LA was awful trying to keep the boys from running away. Jeremy helped from LA to Mazatlan and both boys slept which was nice.
I love staying in this house and listening to the ocean at night.
The boys loved the beach and woke up every morning asking for a beach party.

The boys loved going to see the turtles. Kingsley was a little nervous if they were moving where as Hudson was a little too aggressive with them.
We took them in town to one of my favorite beaches.
It was so nice having Prezley there to help with the kiddos, I would have been lost without her.

Prezley and Jeremy did a little surfing, and Prezley did awesome. Even with the instructor getting a little too handsy on helping her!
Kingsley also wanted to try, so Jeremy took him out.
Love these boys!
Kinda miss his wild boy hair cut!
Taking a walk by the golf course.
We had to visit the turtles multiple times a day :)
The condo big pools are so nice, and have a nice shallow place for the boys to play in.
Brotherly love ;)
I had Jeremy put up this hammock, and we loved hanging out in it.
Miss the beach with these guys!
We only made it for a short while, but rock island was the perfect smooth water for the boys to play in.
One day we headed in town to go to the aquarium which was pretty cool, and the boys loved it.
We ventured to different condo pool to switch it up.
It was such a fun trip & in the end my only complaint was getting sick of the food. Can't wait to go again!