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Monday, August 30, 2010

Good & Bad Surprises..

So I am finally back to mexico. I am not going to say back home because after being in Utah I feel so far away from "home". At the same time I do feel at home being with Jeremy. So at some point I hope I can combine the two. (jeremy + utah)
When I got back there were a couple surprises.
First the bad..
-There was the biggest cockroach I have ever seen that greeted me walking in the door. Ewww. Why do they love our house so much? 
-Also as I was laying down with diesel I found 2 ticks in his paws. :( Poor buddy, bugs just seriously gross me out!
-Jeremy left me LOADs of laundry to do..
So today will be spent doing laundry & putting away all our stuff.
All my shoes that we have no room for in our tiny closet.

Now for the good surprises:
* Jer had ladies come and deep clean while I was gone, & our house looks wonderful! I should probably feel offended that he did it because he assumed I wouldn't clean it.. but cleaning is just not my thing & I'm ok with that. :)
*Remember the grass we planted a little bit ago? It is really coming in beautifully. I can't wait to take out a lawn chair & read out there.
*This is not really a surprise but unbelievable that our one year anniversary is in 5 days!! I can't believe it's been nearly a year! So I think to entertain myself while I am adjusting back to the slow mexico life I will be having a blog anniversary countdown week. Just to look back on all the amazing things that happened a year ago till now!
I have missed our backyard.. Only a little though :)
(all pictures taken with iphone hipstamatic app) 

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