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Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Family photos 2014

My old neighbor and friend Kasey took some family pictures for us a couple weeks ago. The orchard had blossomed perfectly, and even though Kingsley was being a stinker we got a couple good ones. Unfortunately the settings on her camera were on low resolution so the pictures turned out a little blurry, but I still love them!
Hudson was perfect looking and smiling at the camera the whole time.
Sometimes I just love the natural in between shots.
Love my boys!
My dapper little dude :)
I love these pictures of Hudson being such a ham.
We are hoping to go back in the fall for some more shots :)

Kingsley's 2nd Birthday Party!

I can't believe Kingsley is two! Although he acts much older most of the time it's just crazy that I have had him for two whole years. So at first I wondered about not doing a party for him at all, but as I started thinking about it he is just so sweet at this age, he just loves being around people, and is so happy with any gift or new toy I give him so I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to see him smile. I'm sure as he gets older I will have to maybe only do every other year or something, but he's only young once right? ;)
So a month ago Kingsley was really into watching the movie Dumbo so I decided to do a circus theme, I almost changed a bunch of times, but turns out this was the easiest to put together and they had everything I needed at target and the dollar store.
And at least our folding chairs matched since we didn't have dining chairs yet.

I made the kids all little favor bags to open while Kingsley opened his presents so they wouldn't feel badly they didn't get anything.
I had wanted to embroider his banner but ran out of time since I procrastinated, but luckily Prezley came over before the party and painted this one for me.
Luckily while I was getting ready and cleaning up before the party Prezley decorated the cake how I wanted with gum. I think it turned out pretty awesome!
Kingsley was so excited for every single thing he got. I don't buy him a lot of toys because I hate the clutter, so he was so excited to get all new stuff.
How cute are all these kiddos in the glasses from the favor bags??
We all had a good laugh when King opened these pajamas from Grandma Sandy.  She was worried he wouldn't like clothes, when in fact he was the most excited opening them more than any of the other presents. :) He is my son after all so he has to like clothes!
I started some drums for Kingsley's birthday last year but never finished them. So this year I was determined to get them done. I was so thrilled how they turned out, and even more excited to see how much Kingsley liked them and wanted to play with them.
So last year at Kingsley's birthday party I made the mistake of putting the lit candle in front of him.. He grabbed it right away, burned his hand and started crying :( Poor guy has been afraid of fire ever since. You can see how nervous he is in these first couple photos.
I maybe should have eased him into the whole fire thing with just two candles..
I adore his proud face in this one once he blows the candles out.
So there are tons of ponies, horses and animals nearby our house that Kingsley always loves to see. One day when we were walking past the miniature horses the owner came out and let us back to see the mom and her new baby horse. Kingsley loved petting and talking to them, so when she mentioned they did birthday parties I knew I had to have them come over.
At first the horse neighed really loudly which freaked Kingsley out as you can see below..
The Schouten girls loved riding the mini horse, even after they both tipped over they still wanted to ride :)
After Kingsley saw the bigger kids ride he got brave and had the time of his life riding the mini horse.
I mean get ready for a billion pictures, I'm just too obsessed with his happy face.
Usually King is a real stink when I try to take pictures, but when we asked him to say cheese this is what happened :)
I just want to kiss his cheeks!!
I just love dressing this kid up, he is so stinking cute!
After riding a couple times Kingsley decided he needed to take his balloons with him, he's a little obsessed with them.
These two pictures are my absolute favorite of the day. This kids cheesy face makes it all worth it.
Even Hudson rode on the horse and he really enjoyed it!
Everton and Gwynn were a little too scared to ride the horse.
here Kingsley is trying to let his balloon go for the millionth time! Ha such a stinker
I just feel so blessed to have this amazing family of mine. I love them all so much. It was such a great day with all the wonderful people who came to show Kingsley how special he is.
I love this sweet, funny, happy boy. Happy Birthday Kingsley!!