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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guilty Pleasures..

Let's start off by saying yes I am ashamed of myself.
Having said that I will move on.
I have no clue on earth why I love this show but I just can't help it?
Don't judge me.. ok wait, no do. I should be embarrassed. 
Amber hitting Gary. She really is psycho. And awfully angry for a young girl.
Jeremy really really hates Farrah. I agree she is a huge brat, but I blame her mom.
We both love Maci though. She is the only good mom. She is also the only normal smart one. Little Bentley is adorable too. See I watch it for the babies.
Yes Jeremy watches it too. He is the one who reminds me it is on.. We are pathetic.

If you think that's bad....well just wait.. We also can't miss this show:

Yes we actually do watch Jersey Shore.
You have to admit these people are all amazingly ridiculous. We can't help but be roped into watching their shenanigans! With the tanning, clothes, spikey hair, and fist pumping!? It's like these people are aliens, I have never seen this breed before.
Snooki is our favorite. Because she is so incredibly stupid, she does the funniest stuff.
Plus she likes pickles & so do I.
(hopefully the only thing I have in common with anyone on the show.)
Jeremy loves the situations one liners. Like calling ugly girls grenades.
Man, MTV is ruining my world. Jeremy & I are looking for a hotline for "idiotic t.v show addicts"
If you know the number please tell us before it is too late.


  1. hahahaha.. Sadly but truly, Jon and I fit in your same category. Both of these shows I hate to admit that I watch, but can't stop watching.

  2. I started watching Jersey Shore in Miami (Not sure how the shows title works anymore but that's beside the point) and I'm totally sucked in! They're insane and I love South Beach so it's a win win! I love teen Mom too... I'm not addicted but I'll watch it if I'm bored.