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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Highlights

Seems like everyone got just what they wanted this Christmas!
Jeremy got the ipad he had begged for.
 We surprised my mom with eyelash growing mascara & my dad with the new iphone 4.
 Truman got this huge green dump truck!
 How cute are Truman & Teddy's matching jammies?
 Jeremy sent me on the impossible mission for me to find Truman a construction costume. My hard work payed off because not only did he love it, he looked incredibly adorable with it on as well!
Chris & Amy really surprised us with a Michael Jackson vegas show next year!!! I seriously can't wait!
I also got a nice new camera from Jeremy that I am stoked to use! We are so blessed we got to come spend Christmas home with our families who are far too generous to us!
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas too!

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was spent at my parents house. We had a lot of fun. We played the left right game with gift cards which I love getting to use after the holidays. We also played a bidding game where my mom pulled out miscellaneous items for you to bid on. Jeremy just bid on stuff he knew other people wanted. I don't really know what's wrong with him. Below are some couple shots..
Tanner was sad he is not a couple.. ha
 How adorable is Hawkes? It was hard not to just adore him & Atlas the whole night.
Jeremy & I got Atlas a little bowling set since he LOVES balls. I think Jer would have kept it had Atlas not enjoyed it so much :)
I wish I was still a kid, or had one at least. Makes Christmas so much more fun!

Leading up to xmas

Fun things leading up to Christmas:
Shopping with Bri & Brooke.
Attending Nick & Erin's xmas party.
Watching the Utah game at the Kilgore's.
Hanging out with my mom.
Shopping for suits with the Kemps.
The whole time complaining to Jer that it didn't really feel like Christmas without snow. Well my wish came just a little late. It is snowing now, so much that I'm stuck home blogging instead of having a get together with high school friends at the Joy Luck club :(

Wrapping presents

I may have had just as much fun wrapping presents as I did buying them!
I should also thank Martha Stewart for all her help :) It has come my new tradition to make everyone in my family something each year. Especially with all the time I have on my hands it makes me feel productive & busy. I embroidered..

Shirts for everyone. I really enjoyed picking out designs for each person.
I also sewed up these little bibs for Teddy & Hawkes.
I seriously will need some new crafts to entertain me after xmas!

Kendar & Hawkes

After shopping on Tuesday I had the pleasure of picking Kendall up at the airport. WHen people heard they wanted to join me. (That's how popular Kendall is!) Anyways Bryce & Jared decided we should make his arrival more exciting by adding a super old limo, snowsuits & personalized sign. Kendall's mother cannot pronounce his name correctly, instead of Kendall she calls him Kendar, ha so funny!
 After we picked up our beloved Kendar we went over to visit baby Hawkes & his parents!
 All the boys acted nervous to hold him, but loved him once they did!
 Hawkes's sleep deprived but still surprisingly attractive parents :) Seriously though you cannot tell Meghan just birthed a child!
 Jared put the pen there to give you a little perspective on how tiny Hawkes is.
I was kind of joking when I suggested the boys lay like Hawkes for a picture, but no one even hesitated so here we have a collage of Hawkes & his honorary copycats.
Man he is just too cute. It was so sweet to see all the grown men swoon over him :)