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Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY fabric painted onesies

I better get this blog all caught up since I am running out of time before this baby comes! I have been making a bunch of different things for the little man, but I have to say these fabric painted onesies are my favorite!
They really are super cheap & easy. Items needed for this DIY:
-blank onesies. I got most of mine from Walmart except the black one I got at Hobby Lobby.
-fabric paint. Can be found at any craft store, but I picked mine up at Micheals.
- stencil sponges & paint brushes.
- stencils. I used this stencil by Martha Stewart.

I first got the idea from this blog & thought that seems easy enough! Well since I have been loving gold lately I decided to try that out first. I saw a spray on fabric paint & thought that seemed way easier & faster than doing it by hand.
After two different attempts with the spray fabric paint I gave up because for some reason no matter how many times I read the directions & did everything they said it still bleed through. Plus after being washed it faded a ton. So I made the trip back to the craft store for the regular fabric paint & found it to be much better. I even saved this onesie by painting over the bad spots.
Not that you really need any because it is so simple, but I will tell you what I did anyways.
1- pre-wash all onesies. Your pattern will shrink, wrinkle & deform if you skip this step!
2- make sure to put cardboard or something thick in the middle of the onesie so the paint doesn't seep thru and so you have a flat space to paint on.
3- tape down stencil as flat as possible (if you are using one)
I made some of my own stencils using thick paper & stencil cut outs from the craft store. You can only use them once, but I found them to work really well.
4- use a sponge brush to dot on paint. remember less is more, if you use too much paint it is more likely to seep under your stencil.
5- use a small paint brush to apply paint to the corners or small spaces.
6- pull off stencil, paint on touch ups & let dry for an hour or so.
And wala you have a fun new onesie in just your style!
The possibilities are endless for customizing your own onesies. You can use colored onesies to paint on:
and choose any color or pattern combination! (this one may be my favorite :))
you of course can paint free hand as well, but I found that to be more difficult for me.. Notice the unevenness of the left side of this onesie?? haha
Well I may have gone a little overboard with painting onesies, but the ones I don't keep will work as great gifts!
hope this baby kemp loves gold & neon :)


  1. These are so cool! Might have to try this next time I need a craft to do..

  2. what paint did you use? These are AMMAZING! i am throwing my bestie a baby shower and want our onesie activity to be perfect. Let me know please!! ASAPPPP!!! :)

    1. I found all my paint at Joannes, just make sure it says fabric paint on it!

  3. Thanks! I like to personalize everything–makes it so much more special.

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