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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Say Cassie!

Yesterday Jodie & I went to the gateway. I crave shopping so bad living in Mexico, so when I come up that's all I wanna do. We hooked up with Meg & she got a few necessary pregnant clothes.
After that we headed over to the good old Ruby River! I used to work there in college and then recruited my roommates Jodie, April, & Morgan. It was a really fun place to work & I can honestly say I still do really enjoy the food! I tried to find a good picture of all of us back in the day, but after searching a million photo's this is the only one I could find.
It's of April & I doing who knows what. Good times :)
This is what I would do on the seating chart if I was bored..
If you have been a hostess then you understand.
(Me, Mallory, Morgan, Jodie, April, Laura.)
It was funny because a past manager was there and apparently she didn't miss us because she wouldn't even come greet us like she is supposed to. How rude! Anyways it was fun catching up and telling all our funny Ruby moments. I think we will keep this reunion alive!
Later that evening the best thing happened. I got Atlas to say my name. He only says a couple words including daddy, momma, doggie, & cheese. So I was thrilled that not only does he love me, but we got it on film!
So awesome. Jaxon wasn't so lucky..

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