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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kingsley in Mazatlan

Typing sounds really hard and boring at the moment, so this post will be mostly pictures. We took a trip to Mazatlan with our friends the Browns a little bit ago, & it was splendid yet exhausting. Traveling with babies is very tiring. The weather was lovely, and Kingsley really enjoyed the pool as you will see below.
The pool was perfect for King to be able to crawl around in the shallow end.
The three pictures are my favorite from the whole trip. I just love his little face.
Somehow Kingsley got ahold of some limes & loved chewing on them :)
We spent an evening in old town.
Another day we headed to the beach so the boys could surf.
How cute is Gweyn??
The food was delicious of course. I wonder how many pounds of chips & salsa I devoured all week?
Besides running out of formula at the end of the week, I think it was a successful trip. The kiddos were as fantastic as you could expect & we had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kingsley is 9 Months

Oh man I am SO late in posting this! He is just growing too quickly I can hardly keep track! 

Kingsley's 9 month stats:
39% for height at 28 inches
50% for weight at 18.13 pounds
78% for head circumference at 47 cm

Yep he still has a massive noggin. At least he seems to be growing lots of hair to go with it.
My little guys two bottom teeth finally popped thru this month. Which is probably why he is chewing on his tongue in all these pictures :)
Kingsley has learned so many new things this month I hope I can remember them all.. He crawls everywhere & pulls himself up on anything he can reach. His favorite thing is to climb up our stairs. I am trying to teach him how to get back down though he only seems to want to go head first.
He has stopped saying Doggie, and have a mentioned he is mortified of animals?? No clue why but he gets so nervous and cries whenever we encounter one. We actually just got back from MX, and when we went to pick Diesel (our dog) up from my moms Kingsley started crying hysterically. Apparently he forgot the dog lives with us?! Anyways he now likes to say ah-o, and whisper wow when he is excited about something. He now says mama, but only when he is crying for me to pick him up :/ He also enjoys making clicking noises lately.
He loves to wave, and occasionally I can get him to clap.
Kings schedule was shaken up from traveling, but now that we are back home he is back to sleeping 8pm-8am (the time pushed him back an hour which is awesome.) He continues to take two naps a day for about an hour and a half. He just recently started to eat more baby food, though I have a long ways to go in that dept. He is still so hit or miss. Just still loves his bottles I guess.
This little guy has gotten a little bossy now that he knows what he wants. He will yell at me if he wants something in my hand, or kicks his legs if I take him away from something he wants to be doing (like pulling stuff out of the garbage)
I can hardly get any pictures of this kid anymore because he won't stay still. He is at such a fun age, but also very tiring :) So lucky to be his mama!