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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anniversary: Dating.

Jeremy & I had an interesting dating dynamic because it was long distance the entire time. I met Jer in California on a way to a cruise in april 08 I believe. We had our first date July 6th though Jer will say it was the 5th. Anyways we kept dating and decided to be exclusive right before I moved to Maui, Hawaii. We continued dating & he visited me 3 times while I was there. I moved back to Utah & we traveled back & forth until we got engaged in April 28th (So I don't forget.) It was perfect for me how it all worked out, because I had always been afraid of commitment. So living far away helped me get over that. Also I feel like we got to know each other so well because we couldn't always hang out, go on dates, or be affectionate physically. We had to totally rely on phone conversations & texting to get to know each other. Here are some pictures of that lovely time when we dated:
My first visit to San Felipe.. DUN DUN DUN!
Celebrating Jer's birthday.
Hanging out in Hawaii.
Halloween, & Landon/Meghan's wedding.
Celebrating my birthday in Oahu. (1st time he said I love you Dec 12th)
Running a race in the pouring rain.
Our first V-day.
On the Duffy in Newport.
So funny looking back on all these pictures. It seems so strange how things all worked out. I never pictured I would be married to a guy like Jer or living in Mexico for that matter. I guess God just knows what's best for me, because I couldn't be happier or picture my life without him :)
Anniversary countdown: 4 days left!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good & Bad Surprises..

So I am finally back to mexico. I am not going to say back home because after being in Utah I feel so far away from "home". At the same time I do feel at home being with Jeremy. So at some point I hope I can combine the two. (jeremy + utah)
When I got back there were a couple surprises.
First the bad..
-There was the biggest cockroach I have ever seen that greeted me walking in the door. Ewww. Why do they love our house so much? 
-Also as I was laying down with diesel I found 2 ticks in his paws. :( Poor buddy, bugs just seriously gross me out!
-Jeremy left me LOADs of laundry to do..
So today will be spent doing laundry & putting away all our stuff.
All my shoes that we have no room for in our tiny closet.

Now for the good surprises:
* Jer had ladies come and deep clean while I was gone, & our house looks wonderful! I should probably feel offended that he did it because he assumed I wouldn't clean it.. but cleaning is just not my thing & I'm ok with that. :)
*Remember the grass we planted a little bit ago? It is really coming in beautifully. I can't wait to take out a lawn chair & read out there.
*This is not really a surprise but unbelievable that our one year anniversary is in 5 days!! I can't believe it's been nearly a year! So I think to entertain myself while I am adjusting back to the slow mexico life I will be having a blog anniversary countdown week. Just to look back on all the amazing things that happened a year ago till now!
I have missed our backyard.. Only a little though :)
(all pictures taken with iphone hipstamatic app) 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Saturday in Utah...

I can't believe I have been here for 10 days! The time has flown by & I have had so much fun.
We went to Jaxon's football game yesterday afternoon. They dominated again and Jaxon scored 3 touchdowns! I just love watching him. He is so natural it's amazing.
For some reason this is the only picture I got & you can hardly see jacko.
How cute is preggo meggo? The baby was craving nacho's, or so she says...
My cute old people and prezo at the game.
That night was finally Dusty's reception, the whole reason I actually came to Utah.
How adorable are they? It was such a pretty reception. It was so fun to get together with Amy, Blair & Nicole. We all went to jr high & high school together, so we have so many memories together. It's so fun to have those friends you can not see forever but feel like you haven't been apart a day.
Amy, Blair, Allison, Dusty*, Nicole, & Me.
A group picture with a bunch of our friends.
I absolutely love these ladies. I hope to go on a girls trip soon!
The cute couple dancing. I love how happy he looks. I think her tea length dress is so sweet.
I am so happy for Dusty & had a great night reminiscing with all my old friends.

That night I met Nick & Erin at PF Changs for dinner. (with Atlas of course:)) I love spending time with them. Atlas was being a monkey but I love that he will let me hold him now. sometimes. I'm sad I haven't had a camera whenever I have been with Nick & Erin to document us hanging out. So to make myself feel better I found this in my iphoto.
Love them :)
Well I am off back to see my husband! So though I am sad to be leaving my friends & family here in Utah, I couldn't be more excited to be back with these two again :)
Goodbye Utah & everyone in it!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Old Davis High School

Tonight I attended my first Davis football game in years! I can say I honestly felt right back at home. We went to watch my younger sister Prezley because she is on the cheer team.
I couldn't get a better picture, but oh well you get the idea.
I can't believe it's been 7 years since I graduated high school. Am I really that old?? It's so crazy. Me & my mom kept laughing because instinctively I kept looking for my friends before I remembered they probably weren't there. It was so fun to feel the excitement of the HS kids & I did end up running into a lot of friends & family.
Like my cute pregnant cousin Haley! She is due the first of October.
This is her cute little boy Shepard.

It rained in the beginning but didn't put a damper on anything. I was so glad I could come to a game while I was in town.
Go Darts! :)

Golf Art..

This afternoon I finally got to see/play Nick & Erin's golf piece.
Seriously if you have a free night and want to play the coolest mini golf I have ever seen then definitely head down to salt lake, because it is only here for a couple more weeks. It is amazing how they have incorporated the art with the holes.
Construction of the Potter's hole. Looks easy to make right? ha jk wow!
How freaking awesome is their hole? I am always amazed at how talented they are! There's was my favorite by far & not just because we are related. Honestly it is free so head down and enjoy the art & golf. More pictures here.
I was so bummed my camera was out of batteries so I didn't get to take any pictures of my own so I borrowed these from Nick & Erin. 


I have never wanted to visit Montana so bad in my life!
It's called "glamping" glamor mixed with camping. Jeremy, please take me here for our anniversary. It looks like heaven! hint hint..
Make reservations HERE. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


(RANDI, taylor, BROOKE, emmerson, BRIANNE, liya, ASHLEY, mitch, CASSIE)
Today we had a super fun lunch at paradise bakery. I was glad I got to see all these girls. All their kids are so cute, too bad I don't have one :) It makes me wish I lived in Utah so bad so we could all hang out.
Before lunch I went with my cuz Brooke to run some errands. We stopped at costco, so Emmy & I tried on every pair of glasses while Brooke was getting her's fixed.
Seriously how cute is she with glasses!!??
After lunch I headed over to my aunt Cammi's to see her brand new little girl Hope McCall Potter.
She is so adorable. She shares a name with my cousin Courtney & I. It is special to me since Courtney & I were very close & she has passed away. I miss her very much. It was fun to visit with my aunt Cammi, she used to babysit me all the time. She is always so happy & fun to be around.
Later in the day I went with my sis Prez to look for school things for her.
We ended up finding a bunch of shoes at target.
We found these cute wedges on clearance at target.
Can you tell which boots cost $100 & which cost & $30? I can't tell... Unfortunately mine are the pricer version :(
Another fun day in Utah. Only a couple days left!