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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paris, France

We woke up early, like 5 am!! to head to Paris. We were a little sad to leave Switzerland but knew Paris would be just as great. We took the train from Grindelwald-->Interlaken, Interlaken-->Bern, Bern-->Paris. It was 4 1/2 hours in all, and actually really pleasant. We sat next to some really nice asians which was refreshing. We took a cab to our separate hotels since there wasn't enough room in ours for both. Once we got to our room at the Relais De Lourve Jeremy realized he had left his phone in the cab. We figured it was a goner, especially after all the horror stories we have heard about the french people. Well to our surprise when we called he said he would bring it back, we were even more surprised when he actually did! No kidding he wouldn't even take a tip, we were so relieved to have his phone back.
I was really impressed with Paris. I loved all the high rise matching cream to grey buildings. It  seemed like a more chic version of New York. You could just feel the power of the city, buzzing with people.
I love the colorful doors. Since most of the buildings are natural colors the doors & flowers just pop against the walls.
We were so excited to see all the many options for food & got some sushi & an orange smoothie for lunch. 
We walked over to the Lourve which was conveniently right by our hotel. We were really in the perfect spot.
The Lourve was closing so we just walked around outside.

After the Lourve we headed to the Arc de Triomphe.
The Arc really is so epic with the streets revolving around it.
We climbed yet another set of windy stairs to get to the top. Of course it was worth it to see the legit views.
The boys pointing out this or that.
Here's where we saw our first view of the Eiffel Tower. It's hard to describe how unreal it is. What an amazing structure.
After leaving the Arc de Triomphe we headed straight for the Eiffel Tower to see it close up. On the way there Brianne bought a million towers souvenirs & Jake & Jeremy were bartering with the sellers for fun.
Below Jeremy i having his first crepe with nutella & banana's. He was in love & bought a crepe whenever he saw somewhere selling them
You think you would be able to see the Tower from a ways off, but it really just pops out at you when you come around the corner.
We sat at the park & just enjoyed the scenery.
We waited in a long line to go up the Tower but ended up bailing when it would take over 2 hours. I will confess my complaining probably didn't help. I was starving & therefor grumpy.
So as the sun went down we just walked around to see the tower from different angles & took pictures.
As we were walking to higher grounds to wait for the Eiffel to light up we ran into a carrousel & a place selling crepes. So Jeremy & Jake got their second one within a couple of hours.

It was so cute to see not one but two carrousels right by the Eiffel Tower.
We found the perfect spot to sit & wait for the lights to come on.
The Eiffel Tower is so much cooler at night. So amazing..
I hope I get to come back & see the Eiffel Tower again. It is not over rated at all, I thought it was spectacular!
We thought we would have plenty of time to come back & enjoy the Eiffel Tower but alas we ran out of time. I finally ate some subway for dinner & took the metro home. Our first day in Paris was a huge success!
Next up: Paris day 2

Monday, June 27, 2011

Interlacken, Switzerland

We woke up early Wednesday morning & grabbed some yummy hot chocolate again. Jeremy slept poorly because he said he was nervous.. Why you ask? Well I didn't mention in the previous post, that the day before he & Jake had signed up to go sky diving!! I decided to stay on ground & snap pictures since I have already been skydiving & the price was a little outrageous.
So we hopped on the train to Interlacken, where the bus picked us up & took us to the heli pad. There they were suited up & signed papers and such. It was freezing cold & Jeremy was really scared!
Here they are practicing the position you should be in the air.
Their instructors were so cool & made them feel really safe since they had both done over a thousand jumps. As Bri & I were standing inside getting warm the boys got in the helicopter & took off! I was so sad I didn't get to say goodbye & tell Jeremy I loved him :( Luckily I could tell him after he landed. Since he is the one who experienced skydiving I will turn the blog over to the man himself:

Hi Jeremy here.  I guess this is taking the place of my "Jeremy's Jibberish" this month.  So, I must say, I have never been happier being strapped to a large German Swiss dude.  Seriously, he had the warmest embrace and was there to whisper sweet nothings in my ear when I got scared.  Which actually happened quite often since I am afraid of heights.  I'd also never been in a helicopter, so that was intense as well.  As we climbed up to 12,000 feet, you could see all the mountain peaks around the area clearly.  We could even see the highest peak in Europe all the way over in France.  We were up in the air for about 10 minutes, and then we were in place, ready to jump.  I stepped out onto the helicopter ledge, and looking down, I could see the valley we were jumping into and it looked so small.  Then we jumped.  The free fall was pretty amazing.  We were free falling for about 40 seconds, and then he pulled the shoot. I took out my phone and videotaped the glide.  We went above a waterfall and then went down into the valley.  It definitely was as equally thrilling as running with the bulls, except more romantic... thank you Steve.
Here are some of the views from the helicopter.
Bri & I watched the helicopter till it went behind a cliff. After a while Bri spotted some specks which were the boys. We could hear them screaming & hollering almost immediately after they jumped :)
Jeremy jumped first. He had a red parachute & Jake had blue.
How crazy is this. Can you believe how close they got to the waterfall?
I tried to get good shots of Jer landing but they came in so quick! 
I love the grin on his face from ear to ear. 
You can tell he just had the time of his life.
Here Jer is with his instructor Stefan. Jake's instructor with the dreads was Dan.
Such a cool guy. Jer & him were making jokes & laughing the whole time.
What a cool experience. I think this was Jeremy's favorite part of the whole trip. Can't get a better scenic place to sky dive than in Switzerland!
Jake & Jer. Feeling eternally bonded thru their near death experience :)
I love that they landed in a field of flowers & dandelions. Jer actually had allergies that day probably from all the pollen, & I had a cold the rest of the trip from being wet & freezing the day before. Not that I'm complaining.. :)
After we said our good byes & thank you's we headed over to hang out in Interlacken.
It's a cool little town with plenty of shops & character.
We shopped around. Me for clothes and Jeremy for hair? He kept taking the hair off the mannequins & giggling to himself. So if you have ever wondered what Jeremy would look like with hair, here ya go..
At one point we noticed Jeremy & Jake acting very suspicious.. After further investigation this is what they were up to.
Jake is pointing to shoes. Those are HIS shoes. They smelled HORRIBLE. I mean seriously rotten. He had gotten them wet a bunch of times & they just stunk. So he thought he would put them to rest in Swizterland. Glad I will never have to smell those awful shoes again! haha
I on the other hand was on a mission to find the perfect cuckoo clock as I have always loved them, & Jeremy already has one he purchased with a girlfriend he went to Switzerland with a while back. (Eww, gross I know) Anyways so I really wanted my own. Well there were so many I couldn't find one that was just right, so we decided to take a break for lunch. The boys had Brawts, & I had a salad. Bri wasn't feeling well.
Finally I spotted my one true love from this sweet lady! The perfect cuckoo clock. Jeremy was just glad I finally decided on one. (I will post a picture of it later as it is boxed up.)
We walked the long way back to the train. I actually fell asleep on Jer's lap most of the ride back. I love the angry indian lady in the back of this photo :)
So fun to look out the window & see so much green & beauty.
That night we headed back to the same dinner spot as the night before & enjoyed some more fondue. I had a really good burrito & Jer scarfed down a hamburger. We packed up our stuff & the boys stocked up on treats for the train to Paris.
This was one of my favorite exteriors in Switzerland. Switzerland was just AMAZING. I just loved the simple living & adventure it had around every corner. The people are so friendly, the food is delicious, the air is so fresh, & the scenery is just gorgeous! Besides the small detail of it being expensive I just fell in love with Switzerland. Jeremy was kind enough to plan it as one of our stops even though he had already been before. He knew I would love it & boy was he right. I hope to bring family back here one day.
Next up Paris!