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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friends Baby Shower

This last Saturday I had my first baby shower with all my friends. Jodie was the wonderful host putting together cute invitations and bringing all the fantastic food. I had stayed up all night the Friday before worrying no one would show up, or the food or decorations wouldn't work out.. To my delight everything turned out incredibly, I couldn't have been happier :)
So I wanted to stick with the color theme of my little ones nursery which is black, white, & grey with pops of gold. Here is the little dessert table, I was so happy with the way it all turned out!
Of course the hanging poufs were my favorite although my poor cousin Brooke had to re hang them a million times because for some reason the dang things did not want to stay up!
The food Jodie put together was delicious as you can see below!
Like I said all my worries drifted away when all of my cute friends starting showing up, I felt very very loved. 
I was so grateful to get SO many cute gifts! (Thanks Blair for being my photographer :))
As a party favor I had made these chocolate mustaches. (Super easy fyi, you just melt chocolate into the candy mold & put the stick in wala!) 
I wanted to use them as a prop to photograph everyone who came. My nephew Hawkes was my first victim. 
I guess we shouldn't have let him keep the prop :)
Some ladies dragged their feet, but I got a mustache photo of almost everyone, so thanks for being a good sport friends. :) I have to say I have the prettiest friends in the world!
I love how all the babies are trying to lick or eat the mustache i their picture :)
So here is almost the whole group minus a few. (April, Brittany, Chanelle, Amanda, Annie & Mindi)
top row left to right: Brooke, Michelle, Jodie, Ashlee, Nicole, Blair, Kelsey, Brooklyn, & Mecall.
bottom row left to right: Meghan, Tiffanie, Laura, Me, Tiffannee, Morgan, Mandy & Amanda.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to my baby shower, it was so fun to see everyone & I had the best time! I felt so special that ladies even came all the way from provo, park city & ogden! You are the best. :) Especially thank you Meghan & Brooke for coming over the morning of and helping us set up, it was much appreciated!
And a huge huge thanks to Jodie for putting everything together, it turned out amazing I don't know what I would do with out you!
Much love!


  1. Darling! Sad I missed it! You are the cutest little prego girl!