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Sunday, August 22, 2010

School & Wedding

Friday I woke up early to help my mom at school. She teaches 3rd grade at Knowlton elementary. I am proud to be a Knowlton colt! I still know the song & actions just in case you were wondering. My poor mom had to switch classrooms a week before school starts, which is tomorrow. So she had a lot more work than the other teachers. It seriously took us all day & I even recruited Jaxon to help.
I miss the excitement of the first day of school. Getting all new clothes that I would lay out on my floor. Wondering if my classes would have any of my friends in them. When I was older crossing my fingers that I would have cute boys in my class. Those were the good old days.
Wish I could be in Mrs Potter's class I know she would be the best teacher!

So that night a bunch of girls I cheered at Utah with & on the Jazz all met together for dinner. We ended up at Mimi's cafe. I got to drive down & back with britter (Brittany Darrohn) which was so much fun. I have missed her fun personality. The girls dinner was so fun. I love being able to chat & keep in touch with friends.

(Brittany, Morgan, Me, Kristi, Ashlynn, Mandy, Jenay, Missy.)
After dinner most of us headed over to Thanksgiving point for Linlee's wedding reception. I roomed with Linlee in college & cheered with her on the jazz. She is not only really out going and funny but really beautiful. The boy she married seemed like a sweetheart as well. I am really excited for her! She may even come visit us in Mexico, because she is sort of close since she lives in Arizona.

(Jenay, Me, Brittany, Mandy, Morgan)
Linlee looked so gorgeous. Her dress was really pretty.
I love weddings. After going through one it is crazy to me how different life is when you are married. You have no clue what you are really getting into, but it is totally worth it!
Congrats Lin!

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