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Monday, November 4, 2013

Potter Halloween Party 2013

Every year my mom puts on her annual Halloween party. I always look forward to hanging out with the Potters and eating delicious food. Unfortunately I was having a really rough day so we couldn't stay long. Besides being sleep deprived from Hudson waking up, I was having back pain where I had gotten my epidural and feeling nauseous from taking medication without food. Add on top of that we are moving and had to have our whole house packed up in a week! Nonetheless Kingsley thoroughly enjoyed himself!
I tried to put on his last years costume, but he wouldn't have it :(
I just love this little wild thing!
I got lucky that he actually liked wearing his costume and didn't pull the crown off much.
Kingsley and his little buddy Jono :)
Some of the cute kiddos 
Ella and Emmy
Kingsley loves jumping on the tramp, but it always freaks me out since he likes to run by the edges.
Our best attempt of getting a picture of all the kiddos. I love that basically none of them are looking at the camera.
Aren't Charlie & Miles costumes so cute!?
I just love Halloween!