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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr Snuggly.

Every once in a while the tide will come in a ton, almost up to the palm trees. This is so fun because I hardly go out to the beach if not because the water is sooo far away. Seriously you have to walk a mile!
So here the water is starting to come in. It is just perfect for Diesel too because it is so shallow. He didn't like water at first but now he loves it! He loves jumping and splashing around. But like me he doesn't enjoy the taste of salt water :) It is almost 115 degree's down here so it is so nice to be able to cool off.

I look gross but I seriously don't care.

This little guy gets so tired after playing in the water that he will let me wrap him up in a towel and cuddle.

And sleep...

Days like this make me grateful I have a snuggly friend.


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  2. I love these pics of Diesel....oh and you too of course. :) It's just pugs are so photogenic don't you think?! They do make the best snuggle partners and a bad day so much better.

  3. I agree. We totally need to get our little doggies together for a pug date!