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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Return to Red Butte

This last weekend Jeremy & I got to reminisce at Red Butte Gardens as we attended Jeremy's junior high friends wedding ceremony. I love love love weddings & wish I could get married over & over again! To the same person of course ;)
Red Butte Gardens will always be near to my heart since that is where we held our wedding dinner & reception. Good times! It is full of beautiful flowers & butterflies this time of year.
Our friend Matt's brother Jared in a very snazzy suit :)
It was so priceless to see Becca start to cry when she saw Jeremy. So sweet.
So glad we could be there to support her. How precious are these pics?
Becca looked absolutely gorgeous & it was so neat to be able to attend her wedding. It was really such a lovely day.
Best of luck to her & her new husband.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

embroidered onesie's

Of all the crafts I have meddled in embroidery has been the only that has stuck. Ya.. no more sewing or jewelry making for me. I'm like an old lady, I love to get some thread & just stitch away for hours. And because I love anything mini, embroidering on onesie's for little tykes is my favorite! Here are a couple I stitched up for some new babes in my life...

Jeremy is always begging me to sale my work instead of letting them pile up in my craft room, so I am considering opening up my own etsy shop & selling onesie's with embroidered details. Now here's where you come in.. Good idea? Something worth a try? Awesome? or nothing new? I would LOVE to hear your opinion. Please spare any thoughts you have. Thanks a million!
xoxo Cass

Thursday, August 25, 2011

cute enough to eat

Why is Diesel hiding in the bathroom behind the toilet you ask?
Well it's a rather funny story, so I will tell you:
 As I went in to my super cluttered craft room yesterday, I noticed some things that didn't seem right. Hmm.. it seemed as if Diesel had been in there and chewed up some of my supplies.. I thought to myself how strange..Diesel hardly ever chews up anything besides his alloted toys? Then as I took a closer look I realized he must have thought my lovely Amy Butler decorative brads were candy! Yes my little pup will do anything to find himself some food :)
They didn't even smell like anything, I checked. 
So in my annoyed state I called downstairs to Jer for him to discipline his dog! (We don't like to claim him as our own when he has been naughty.) Jeremy who was busy playing angry birds at the time yelled at Diesel in a fake angry voice to come to him. Jeremy couldn't find Dies for a minute, but then called up to me saying "Cassie you have to come see this!" Well Diesel must have already known he was in trouble & had decided to punish himself & went straight into the bathroom to hide. (this is where we regularly put him if he has done something naughty)
I mean REALLY.. How can you be mad looking at that face? He really has mastered the puppy dog eyes don't you think??
Well we didn't have it in us to reprimand him at that point so we decided to let him off with a warning & a few pictures :)
(I will have you know Jeremy is the softy of the two of us, I am going to have to discipline our kids because he really can't do it even with Diesel)
I do have to say these little brads are mighty sweet, I can see why Diesel thought they would taste yummy! They were almost cute enough to eat!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

going away party. part 2

My handsome brother Nick who is driving further & further away from me as we speak :(
Here are some more party moments:
Seriously though I can't wait to see Karen's book finished. You will totally want to buy one, because you & your kids will love it, it's so adorable!
Here Jeremy is investigating clues Prezley had given on the last boy she kissed :) These two sort of have a weird love hate relationship..
below: my mom, grandmother, & aunt Pam
One of the things I was most excited for was to give Atlas the gift I made for him. He really is the sweetest kid on the planet & I am going to miss him dearly.. Any who, he loves holding all of our lagoon passes and looking at the pictures & then saying our names, so I thought he might also love a little book with pictures of our whole family. (plus that way maybe he won't forget about us..) So I scoured the web for a board book & finally found a decent site called my custom story. Even though I didn't care for the difficulty of using the site I LOVED the finished product! So cute & little enough to squeeze in the diaper bag.
I really really hope he doesn't forget about me..
I miss them already.. I'm mad at myself for not getting a picture of all of us before they left. Hopefully I will get to see them at Christmas!

Monday, August 22, 2011

fly away with me

The good news is my brother got accepted into a master's program at Brown University, because he is so very smart & talented. The bad news is that means he, my sister in law & nephew are all moving to Rhode Island.. :(
So it was defiantly necessary to throw them a going away party!
(plus I hear they bring good luck  ;))
I had seen this sweet hot air balloon dessert station & knew something similar would be perfect as a going away theme.. I was so pleased with how it turned out!
(Please forgive the horrible lighting in this first photo, but I couldn't delay the guests from eating just to get a good photo of the spread, so at least you get the idea of what it looked like before. Guess next time I need to plan ahead for picture taking :))

I have had my eye on these adorable miniature hot air balloons for a while now, so I'm glad I finally had a reason to buy them! 
The travel treats were filled with my favorite candy fun dip!
these balloons were gigantic! I felt really silly with them crammed in the car with me after I had filled them up :)
I couldn't pass up these awesome notes from target so we can be pen pals while they are away!

Well there ya have it. Throwing parties might be my newest hobby :) I really did enjoy decorating & baking.
Party details:
globes borrowed from my mother's school.
minature hot air balloons found on amazon.
tree stumps, vintage luggage & cake stands all borrowed.
Izzie's bought at costco. (buying in bulk is always cheaper :))
coconut cupcakes & key lime pie made by my mother & me.
raspberry french macaroons purchased from Les Madeleines in SLC.
serving tray purchased at ikea.
paper straws, oversized balloons, striped paper plates, & pink garland purchased from shop sweet lulu.
So sad to see Nick, Erin & Atlas go, but technically I don't really live in Utah either so I guess I will just have to visit them in Rhode Island! I HATE goodbyes, so I am just saying this is a see ya later type deal:)
A little more on the party in another post, this one is a little to picture heavy already :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stella & Dot Update

While I was in Utah I hosted my first stella & dot trunk show, & I have to be honest I loved it! It was so fun to have basically a girls night out & see what everyone picked as their favorite stella & dot item. My sweet mother in law hosted it for me & ended up earning nearly $500 in free jewelry & a bunch of stuff for 1/2 off! Talk about an awesome reward for hostessing :) 
I wanted to photograph some of the pieces to show you how they can really spice up an outfit!
Prezley is wearing the Pegasus Necklace, crop top F21, & pants from the gap.
This is by far my favorite statement necklace. Apparently Vogue loves it as well, so I must have similar taste :)

You may have noticed the new addition to my side bar ---------------------------------------->
Just didn't want you to lose the link to my shop :)
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures from my first party.. rats! but luckily I am hosting another in a couple weeks! If you are in the farmington area & would like an invite to come see the jewelry in person let me know! Also consider hosting a party to earn FREE jewelry! Just saying :)
As Jeremy loves to say "the jewelry really sells itself!" haha

Stay tuned for discounts & giveaways in the near future!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craft time

Yep I love me some craft time! :) Pinterest has really helped me to keep all my DIY projects all in one place, not to be forgotten. I fell in love when I saw this DIY with paint chips cut into triangles. There is nothing I love more right now than geometric shapes & tons of colors! 
Here is my finished piece! 
Supplies needed to make one of these beauties:
 (size of your choice)
*paint samples
(I got mine from lowes, home depot & walmart. "Stealing" the paint samples was a little embarrassing for me but no one seemed to care?)
 (after trying a couple different kinds, I would actually suggest a plain old glue stick! The craft glue was messier, made the corners curl up from the moisture & you couldn't move the paint chips around much once you had placed them.)
I love how customizable this art piece is with millions of color & shape options. Here are a couple examples of what we came up with...
I ended up making a million different versions of this DIY (I will post the other renditions later). Not only is it basically free, especially if you already have a frame on hand, but it is super simple! Even more simple when I realized I could take all my paint chips to my mom's school and use a die cut to get perfect shapes instead of doing them by hand with scissors! The shapes don't match up as perfectly when you cut them by hand.
Doesn't it just look lovely!!??
At one point the little ones had gone quiet & we suspected mischief.. 
someone had found the glitter :) Hehe
 how cute is Emmerson with a glitter makeover?
A big thanks to Bri for a delicious lunch & letting us make your a mess at your house! Can't wait for the next craft day! If you live in Utah feel free to join anytime :)