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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Go Eagles!!!

Saturday morning we had to wake up super early to go to Jaxon's football game. My dad is the coach of the farmington eagles. This was there first game.
Let me start off by telling you how amazing Jaxon is. He may be small but man he can take kids out! He is so naturally talented. I swear he doesn't even try. He is super fast and always seems to find a gap to run through. He is by far the best one on the time not that I am bragging or anything, it's really just common knowledge.
His officially position is half back/running back. These are a couple of shots I got of him carrying the ball.
This is Ceasar. He is my favorite player, (besides Jaxon of course.) He is a super sweet hispanic boy who is a lineman. He is an X man as you may notice his skull & cross bones on his helmet. He sacked the quarter back this game. Maybe it's from living in mexico but Jer & I both think the kid is so cute.
All Jaxon's devoted fans. (Me, Meg, Landon, Bryce, Mom, Chase & Tanner.)
Looking back to see if anyone is catching up to him. As you can see... they are not.
In the end the Eagle's won 28-6.
Of that Jaxon scored 3 touchdowns.
I am so excited to keep watching Jaxon dominate in football.
I'm excited I'm in town to see his game next week as well.

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