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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ex girlfriends..

This weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out with Jeremy's ex girlfriends. As in 2 of them. This may seem a little awkward/odd but I assure you it wasn't. (So sad I didn't get a picture of the three of them together, I will in the future because hopefully we can all get together again) He dated Bri & Randi back in the day, and all I can say is what a lucky guy they are both so fun and adorable! (I'm sure he also would have dated my cousin Brooke had he had the opportunity because she is just as great :))
Any who we had so much fun on our little getaway I even convinced Jer to let us stay an extra day! Don't tell his boss. hehe
So Friday night we got there in the evening & just hung out and enjoyed the company while Jeremy got the recap of anyone he used to know in davis county.
Saturday we just relaxed in the morning and then headed down to the beach.
It wasn't super warm but fun none the less. Then the boys decided to head to San Onfre to surf and the girls and kids came along to watch.

 The boys all helping Vaughn get on his wet suit. 

 Jake, Morgan, Jer, & Vaughn

 We are in love so we can take cheesy pictures like this.
That night the kids stayed with Vaughn's sister Krista & we headed into Laguna to hit up a sushi restaurant. It was really cool joint. And Jer thought the waitress wanted him because of his beautiful smile. (long story) So he high fived her on the way out. He is so weird.
 Randi, Morgan, Brianne, Jake
 Vaughn, Brooke, Jer, Me.
After we walked down to Rocky Mountain chocolate for some yummy treats. Randi, Jer, & I may have played no bones on the way there and home. Just saying.
That night we all sat on the couch and laughed about funny stories everyone had. I would love to retell them all but they just would not seem that funny now. We played a couple rounds of mafia and attempted to play an animal matching game. Which resulted in everyone laying on the ground hysterical. My checks seriously hurt it was so funny.

 Sunday morning the boys took the boards down to the water but apparently just got beaten up. Jane (another almost victim to dating jer (ha)) and her husband Jake came over for the day which was fun. Jer & I ran to target to get some needed items & took back the boards Chris let us borrow. (Thank You)
We also got to hang out with Amy & Truman for a little bit which is always fun. Truman is so funny. I wish we had video footage of him spraying himself in the face with the hose while we were there. haha
 So we were supposed to head out that night but I was having so much fun I begged Jer to let us stay. He wasn't all for it until they started playing this dice game. It was so funny to watch them freaking out about it. They were playing with just $1 most of the rounds but the last decided to play with $5. I don't totally understand the game but Jer at one point had to double in to play with $50 or something. So he lost about $100! So the way I see it we payed to stay an extra day which was totally worth it. We also took a little stroll along the beach which was nice, and Vaughn & Jer got in the hot tub while Brooke & I just thought about getting in. :)
(Picture taken right before dinner)
The last day we were there (Monday) Jer worked in the morning while all us girls talked about home decor, blogs and such. Then the girls went shopping while the boys played basketball and tennis. I will blog about our shopping finds in another post. When we got back we all headed down to the beach again and played some bocce among other things. That evening we went & ate dinner at Thai This. We were probably a little to loud and rowdy & even ended up playing the dice game on the table. 
So in the end we had loads of fun with this awesome couples and all their adorable kids. It was really hard to leave and head home.
 We hope to hang out again soon. I just felt like all of us girls had so much in common. (Even if that includes kissing my husband ;))

This Thursday I will be headed home to see my friends and family in Utah. I just can't wait!


  1. Haha on the title!
    Seriously one of the funnest vacays EVER!!
    We need to make a habit out if it :)

  2. I know thanks again for inviting us it was such a blast. I can't even remember the last time I have laughed that much!

  3. P.S. I just stole some pictures :)