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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awesome internet finds..

Lately I have been seeing so much cute stuff on the internet.
First off I really wanna make one of these clocks. They are so sweet.

Tutorial here.

I for sure am going to purchase one of these dolls. You embroider the tattoo & then stuff & sew it to make the doll.
I REALLY need one of these.
Of course I am in love with both of these yellow gems from anthro.
And last but definitely not least.. When we had dinner at ruby river the girls were talking about how victoria secret now carries U of U clothes in there pink line. I looked online & feel as a true fan I NEED these cute ute stuff!
They also have some nfl stuff so I may have to get some chargers stuff as well :)
There is no BYU stuff though..HAHAHA. Shows who's cool.

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