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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fine.. Mexico/Mazatlan

So even though my trip ended with me feeling horribly sick, there were some good moments. So here are a few pics from my trip:
So we were in Mexico City for Jeremy to work, but when they finished we took a day and went to the pyramids. I did not know they were climb-able so I wasn't pumped when jer said I had to climb, because I was wearing black pants and flip flops. I can say I was glad for the work out and proud once I was done, though I don't really ever want to do it again! 
These pictures are of Jer and his partners place in Mazatlan, which is where we went after Mexico City just for 2 days. It is a really nice resort.
The last day they had planned that we drive up to this city in the hills to eat at this neat restaurant, that supposedly had famous banana cream pie. I was hesitant to go in the morning because I had indigestion all morning and constantly needed to go to the bathroom. Jer convinced me to come and promised we would stop to go the the bathroom's as much as I needed. Well we had to stop a couple times on the way up to the place and the car ride was a little wind-ey but it was ok until after dinner... 
Then all hell broke loose! As you can see in this picture I started feeling awful and burning up. That led to the most sick I have ever felt and getting to spend tons of time in gross mexican bathrooms with no toilet paper trying to throw up to make myself feel better. The 30 min drive probably took us an hour for how many times I had to stop and run to a bathroom. I slept some when we got back but then had to catch our flight even though I cried to Jeremy about traveling. Luckily the plane ride went alright, but then we had the 4 hour trek back to San Felipe.. That part didn't end well. Some of the road there is just dirt and really rough and my stomach just couldn't take it. I felt really sick most of the way back and of course there was no where to stop so I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of nowhere. It was SO awesome.
Thank you mexico.
I hate your guts!
Love Cassie

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Work I'm almost proud of..

So here is some of my new and improved sewing projects. I worked with different fabrics and was pleased with my progress. Though there are still kinks in both the shirt and dress, at least I am learning from them!
I realize this dress makes me look like a blue popsicle but oh well:)
Maybe when I am done mastering my sewing skills, I will move on to working on my modeling skills.. haha
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Too angry...

So I have been back from Mexico City & Mazatlan for a couple days now. It was such a horrible experience I haven't brought myself to re-live it via blogging quite yet. Though most of it consists of me visiting every dirty bathroom in mexico.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last day in Utah Monday

I felt sad all day because I knew we were leaving. I had even cried myself to sleep the night before. Everyone was back to school & work, and Jeremy left me to go golfing which didn't help. We had lunch with Jeremy's parents at the bun basket which was a nice treat. Mostly I just cleaned and packed. Here are the last of the photos I didn't post from sunday.
Goodbye Utah, family and friends. I miss you like crazy already!
PS- Diesel misses you too.

Mother's day Sunday

So I am completely blogged out, but I will continue.
I did however want to say a few words about my mother who I love dearly. She truly is my best friend. I miss her the most living away in mexico. I have to talk to her almost every other day. She is so hard working, caring, loving, helpful, and sweet. The list goes on and on but I just wanted to say I love her so much, she means everything to me. Happy mother's day Mom!
Here are pictures from her day:
We opened presents after dinner. My mom is lucky she has so many kids, because she got so many presents!
We went over to my Aunt and Uncles house with other relatives and played a form of tennis, practiced back handsprings on the tramp, ate cookies and hung out. It was delightful.

Saturday in Utah

Saturday again.
Jeremy golfed all morning while I went to Jaxon's soccer game again, along with my whole family now that Tanner had come down from provo for the weekend.

The rest of the night we got to go to La caille for a wedding of Reid & Ashley, one of Jeremy's friends.
 It was really neat because we got to go to the ceremony, and I have never been to one before. Like the kind you see in the movies with the walking down the aisle, the vows and all that. Her dress was unbelievably beautiful, and the food and company were wonderful. I didn't however love the venue.

I just love weddings, they are so magical and romantic. Especially other people's weddings because you can just sit back and enjoy!

Friday in Utah

I went shopping around the gateway with Jodie while Jeremy had work meetings. Unfortunately I had already spent all my money on the items below so I couldn't get anything more.
(sweater & skirt from anthro, shoes from seychelles)

That evening we had dinner with Nick & Erin at a nice sushi restaurant.
After we walked across the street to an art showing.
Then we got hot chocolate in the avenues which apparently is where the film TLC's the little chocolate-tiers featuring little people.
Afterwards we all went over to the penthouse to where a dance off among other things happened.

Little Harry was the life of the party.