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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Anthropologie..

Dear Anthro,
I currently have 54 of your lovely things in my online cart. That totals over $5,000. Do you see the dilemma I'm in? I would appreciate it if you would:
*Lower your prices.
*Have less of a selection. Just so I have less to swoon over.
*Please stop waiting until after I purchase an item to put it on sale.
*Also why does my size always go out of stock first? It's just rude leaving me out.

Just a FEW of the wanted items in my cart.
Thank you for listening to my concerns.
A desperate anthro fan,
yours truly.


  1. I feel your pain. At least you have items in your shopping cart... I'm too poor to even do that :( How about you just give me your hand me downs.

  2. I have a few of those same items in my 'dream basket'. xoxo

  3. We will have to think of something. I mean I wish we could just move in the store! Maybe I will just have to start working there so at least I can get a discount. Marci did you work there at some point, what would you recommend?

  4. Theres clothes are out of my league, I look but thats all! So no items will ever be going on sale after I purchase it cause there is no purchasing haha please lower your prices! But I do love those last two dresses, if you get rich just buy them for me :)

    Dont worry your not the only pathetic one around here..me and Nate watch both of those shows! I think im way more ashamed that I watch Jersey Shore though, last night I was laughing and snookie not being able to see the customers.