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Saturday, February 25, 2012

On the out

Today is Jeremy's official last day off work! We can't believe it.. (This was all written yesterday, but the power went out before I could post it)  He is really sad to leave all his employees & friends. I feel sorry for him, to lose all these people he has built relationships with over the last 9 years.. I think he will especially miss the people in his own office that he is with almost every day. Poor guy.. Maybe he will post about it later. Anyways not to be a downer because I'm positive we will come back to visit & I am sure he will stay in touch via the phone or good old facebook :) So Utah friends he may need a shoulder to cry on for a bit while he is missing his mexican homies..
So I wanted to try & document as much as I can while we are still here & before the craziness of the move & adjusting to a new job starts in. Plus I don't want to forget these last moments of our time here in San Felipe. As of yesterday the weather has been amazing at 75-80 degrees which really doesn't make us happy to leave when we hear it is snowing in Utah :( My poor husband is going to have a melt down in the cold weather..
Anyways our day as of yesterday went as follows:
The movers came & loaded up everything out of our garage this morning. It was amazing how quickly the 3 of them got everything loaded. 
I think they must play a lot of tetris to get everything packed & loaded in the right spot :)
Jer with the trailer. It was too bright for me to see this picture was so blurry.. wah wah
The whole packing up process has been pretty smooth since my husband is kinda a drill sergeant when it comes to getting tasks done & had me start packing weeks ago doing a little at a time. I have to thank him though because it really eased the stress of doing it all at one time.
That afternoon we at lunch outside at the Pavilian with our neighbor Rich. Man I am going to miss authentic chips & salsa. I am also really going to miss Jeremy not getting to come home & eat lunch with me everyday, which is something I definitely take for granted that he can just shoot over to the house if I need something or miss him.

After lunch & some work Jeremy let Diesel & I tag along with him golfing. Honestly this surprises even me, but I think the thing I may miss the most about leaving here is being able to ride around in the golf cart to spend time with Jeremy during the day. Lately I go out with him sometimes even 2-3 times a week. In the beginning I really resented Jeremy's golfing, & never wanted to have anything to do with it, but even though I don't enjoy to play myself I find that I love to ride around & spend time with him doing something he loves. Diesel loves it too. This may sound like animal cruelty but he loves to run in front of the golf cart & have us chase him. Weird I know.. Especially that he doesn't want to chase after behind the cart.. I think he wants to show the golf cart he is the alpha male, so we let him be the boss & don't run him over :) I will have to video it, because it's super funny.
That's Jeremy's office bldg in the background.
This is my favorite hole overlooking the water & town. I know the grass looks dead, but it just goes dormant over the winter & will start to green up now that spring/summer is here. (see these are the useful things I learn out golfing with Jer :))
That night all Jeremy's co workers planned a going away get together down at the Jollymon for pizza & beer. We thought that was kinda funny on the invite since we both don't drink, but they thought it was hilarious whenever we were taking a picture to try & put their beer in front of us so it would look like we were. Silly people. I don't think we will be going to be going to any sports bars with Jeremy's new job, that's for sure..
Starting at the left we have Jesus, Jeremy, myself, Lupita, Antonio, Richie, Ivan, Jolio, Ricardo, Bebo, Nacho, & Daniel.
I hung out for pizza but then left so Jeremy could really enjoying being with his friends without having to translate everything back & forth for me.
They got Jeremy to sing La Cucaracha after I had left. Check out the bottom left of this photo.. That's right apparently it's not a big deal to bring your kid to the bar! Things like this don't even phase us anymore. haha
 He had a wonderful time & was feeling really nostalgic when he came back home. He keeps saying how he has lived down here for a third of his life, which is pretty crazy. He will miss his San Felipe buddies tons but hopefully we will be back to visit soon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carnaval 2012

This Presidents day weekend coincided with Carnaval, which was perfect for one last hoorah to celebrate fun times in San Felipe. Though we are here through this next weekend I assume we will be tying up loose ends & packing last minute things. It also worked out perfect to have Jeremy's brother Chris & our nephew Truman down to visit.
http://dieselinbloom.blogspot.com/2011/03/carnaval-2011.html Saturday we woke up & had breakfast at the Road Runner cafe which has really yummy breakfast & hot chocolate. The boys golfed a couple holes & then we headed in to town for the Carnaval parade. It was scheduled to start at 1:00 but when we arrived there are 1:30 of course nothing was in motion yet. So we had a little lunch at the Red Lobster (no not the crappy American seafood joint) It is an Italian restaurant down here that is owned by Jeremy's boss. I always get the onion soup, which is delicious! Timing wise it worked out perfect as we were finishing our lunch when the parade rolled in at around 2:30.
The theme this year was safari/jungle. Last year was aztec I believe. You can check out my post from last year here, I documented it a lot better.
There of course was loud music & dancing like last year, but this year they actually added some bikes/quads, floats, & such which was nice. There were far less dance groups then the year before.
I am amazed these little girls can remember the 5 minute long dances, shake it better than professional dancers all with a mask on & their costumes falling off!
I can't imagine how heavy it must have been to walk for hours with these things on.
This zebra car was Jeremy's favorite.
I could never get Truman to look at the camera almost the whole trip, so enjoy the back of his head I guess :) This float was actually really well made. Full of dancing animals.
Truman was very concerned for this girl & kept asking why she was trapped in a cage? :)
We were also very concerned.. just for much different reasons..
I have no clue what these asian dragons have to do with Carnaval but they were cool none the less.
You can see our cute little church up on the hill behind this dragon. Maybe they had left over Chinese New Year props/decorations & said hey let's throw them in the parade.. I don't know??
The parade was entertaining, but we walked down the street to see everything in the end because for some reason they can't keep things in motion. The parade would probably last two hours if you stayed in one spot since they walk 10 feet & then stop for 10 minutes..
After the parade Chris wanted to take Truman to see the huge cactuses. Jeremy has always claimed that they are unique only to San Felipe, but a google search proved that they are also in Arizona. Pretty much broke Jer's heart & he will probably never admit that they grow anywhere else. I'm not really a fan of them to be honest, but it ended up being a fun little outing.
They drove Chris's truck up on this hill/mountain to overlook all the cactuses. You can't really tell but we are up on a high ledge without much space. I veto-ed the idea because it really freaks me out with all the steep edges & loose gravel, but Truman just kept telling me "don't be scared, we wont fall." Randomly it was reassuring to me.
Boys & the things they find enjoyable..
Proof that I was present.
In the end I think Truman was a little scared though because on the way down he kept asking where the real road was kinda concerned that we were lost. He was very relieved when we were back on the paved road again. That night we ordered some pizza from the Jollymon just down the street. It is probably my favorite food down here, and Chris was very impressed with it's taste & quality. So much so that we had it again the next day for lunch.
Sunday morning we had some waffles & headed off to church. It was crowded with weekend visitors & a man even decided to bring his dog with him who sat on his lap during sacrament.  Funny & weird :)
Afterwards Truman & I hung out at the house watching cartoons, playing with his cars, & riding his bike while Jeremy & Chris took Chris's new truck out off-roading for a couple hours.
Defiantly not something I am into, but they had a really good time even though they both came back with headaches.
 Jeremy really hopes Chris wants to give him his truck out of brotherly love.
It was a really fun weekend hanging out & really enjoying some of the great things about San Felipe. Thanks Chris & Truman for coming to visit, we had a blast!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

BIg News!!

I guess it's time to share the big news... 
Jeremy has accepted a new job working with the church!
He will be working in the Temple & Special Projects division, his first project being the Tijuana Temple, as well as the San Diego visitors center.
We couldn't be more excited for this opportunity!
As you may have guessed that also means we are moving out of San Felipe, MX. 
Jeremy has lived here almost 9 years & 2 1/2 years for me now!! Basically our whole married life how crazy is that!?
We will be moving to Utah March 1st. I can't believe I am moving home in less then 2 weeks!
I have mixed emotions because though I am very excited to move closer to our families & familiar territory, I will also surprisingly miss San Felipe & all the memories we have made here.

I hope to document our house and things around town before we leave so as not to forget anything.
We are excited for this adventure with a new job, house & baby. Hopefully we can survive all these big changes :)

25 Weeks Along

Oh blogging.. I really don't enjoy blogging anymore. It's sad but it feels like homework I haven't finished. When I first found out I was pregnant I really wanted to document my progress in a cute & clever way, but ends up my motivation to get that done isn't really there. Oh well I figure I will stick with a photo every 5 weeks to journal my growth. I have doubled in size it seems since 20 weeks, but it's nice to be clearly pregnant now. Jeremy also tells me my butt is bigger.. Awesome, thanks.
Still feeling pretty good. I am having a much harder time sleeping though which bums me out because I really enjoy my sleep. I also get head aches & leg cramps often but nothing too painful. On the bright side I have a new found love for sweets. Seems like I am often craving cookies or brownies. Yum :)
 Can't wait to meet this little guy, just hope we can get prepared before he gets here!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Jer Bear

Since today is Valentines Day & we just celebrated Jeremy's birthday, I figure I will combine the two for an I love my husband post. :)
We were up in Utah over Jeremy's birthday so it was nice to be able to celebrate it with family & friends, and just have more resources all together. I went all out for his b day since I figure with all the upcoming changes birthdays may get more boring for the jer bear. On the 4th we woke up late and ate a yummy breakfast that my mother & I had gotten ready the night before. He then opened his presents which included a Chicago Bears infant onesie, a clarisonic skin cleanser, a gift certificate to get his truck detailed, and a spa day! Needless to say I am still paying for it.. He was happy & I felt good that he was surprised by all of my gifts. 
 Just thought you might want to see a close up of my beautiful cake :)
That afternoon Jer headed to the spa with my dad to get a gentleman's facial. :) I had also given my dad a spa day for his birthday so they could both relax together. That evening we went with Jeremy's parents to Teppanyakis for a delicious dinner. Pretty sure Jeremy ordered the lobster & crab! I guess you can do that sort of thing when it's your birthday. After dinner we headed to the Farmington theatre to meet up with some of my family & friends to see the movie Chronicle. Unfortunately it wasn't very good, but Jer promised me it didn't ruin his birthday. Sorry to all those we invited to come with us.

Here Jer is with his ice cream cake. 
We saved it for the superbowl half time. Yep he is 34. We both struggle with how old we are, as we often forget since it seems when you get a certain age no one asks how old you are anymore.
A couple days later we did get to see a better movie The Vow. It wasn't the greatest or anything but it did make me think how lucky I am to be happily in love with my best friend. So though we actually have nothing special planned for this Valentines day I still feel grateful to be able to spend it with my hubby who I adore. I always tell him that I don't believe in soul mates... but if I did I know he would be mine :)