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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Things that happened today:
1. I am staying with the Perry's & they have no children.
2. I basically did nothing all day and even took a nap!
3. I ran out of clean underwear. Gross!
4. Jeremy came & brought me new underwear. Yay!
5. Diesel is cute. Except for when he ate Max's food really fast, threw it up, & then ate it again. sick.
6. Rachelle & I played a funny trick (& quite clever might I add) on Wes & Jeremy.
7. Then the trick backfired. I still think we are funny though.
8. We went and saw the movie Easy A. It was awesome. Especially since we had peanut butter m&m's.
9. Jeremy picked out his own clothes & I was proud.
10. Since I took a nap I am wide awake... while Jeremy & Diesel snore away.
I think I will look up halloween costumes till I fall asleep.