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Monday, September 6, 2010

Honeymoon..part 1

Sorry people, but I couldn't resist. Apparently I still wanna reminisce in the past good events. I really can't picture a more beautiful place than Fiji. It was really paradise. I felt SO lucky that big E hooked it up for us to take our honeymoon here. Especially since I had just moved home from Hawaii & Jer has lived in Mexico the last 7 years so we are kinda hard to impress. Fiji did not let us down!
We stayed here on the main island before shipping out to a private island for most of our stay. Jer modeling for you on the bed. The main island of Fiji is not all that impressive, it's a dirty version of hawaii. The people however are so incredibly nice & will do anything for you.
It's the millions of tiny islands surrounding Fiji that are so unreal. Jer & I still can't understand how the tide never washes these small islands out?
When we pulled up & saw these, I was in heaven! It was the whole reason we chose Fiji, because I had seen a picture of these overwater houses in a magazine & fell in love.
So this was so crazy. This is Fred & Jen Cooper, who were my next door neighbors in Farmington & I was the nanny for their kids for 2 years. They couldn't make our wedding because they were on a tour to Fiji & Australia. There are over 300 small islands surrounding Fiji so the fact that they were visiting the same one we were staying at was so crazy. What are the chances?
The sunsets were unreal.
So we stayed in 2 different bungalows when we were in Fiji. One on the beach, & one over the ocean. They both were so cool. This is a picture of Jer looking down at all the fish underneath us in the overwater bungalow. 
This is a picture from the water of our bungalow :)
From a trip we took into the village. I will have to say, they REALLY live in the middle of nowhere on their small island.
Jer attempting to wind surf.
Our last night we got to sit down on the table near the ocean.
The day we left it was pouring. We were so glad it didn't rain any of the time we were there!
I have a million other pictures I wanna post so I will start a new post so this one is not so long.

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  1. Hey Cassie - I hope you don't think this is totally weird that I am commenting, even though we don't know each other. My mom, Suzanne Kennard, planned your honeymoon. I wasn't able to come to your wedding because I live in St. George and couldn't come up. Anyway, I just wanted to say I love your Fiji pictures. They are amazing! I heard all about how fabulous your honeymoon was going to be from my mom, so to see the pictures is fun. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I hope you don't think this is psycho of me to comment. Just wanted to say I think you are darling and you guys are such a cute couple! I have a blog too, but it's private, so shoot me an email if you want an invite. (thebarlows99@hotmail.com)
    -Staci (Kennard) Barlow