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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3rd place.

I mentioned we played water volleyball on our anniversary.
We should be ashamed.
We took 3rd place. 
There were six teams.
This was ours.
It's hard to believe we only took 3rd place, with the fact that we   
had the youngest people on the team, and the suspiciously aggressive guy in the cowboy hat. (far left)
Probably the best guy on our team was the old dude with the blue hat. (He reminds me of the creepy guy from poltergeist in this picture. Yikes!) 
So there you have it, San Felipe's Finest.
They even went ahead & gave us medals. Gee thanks. 
At least we have a pool right?
Well I'm headed up to the states for a baby shower & some Cali time :) So see ya later.

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