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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SoRtS & sUcH...

There was a quick trip to Utah.
Here is what happened.
 Jeremy being dumb at the Davis game.
My uncle Jonny being dumb at the Davis game.
Masked Tanner. 
His tests came back negative for + tuberculosis.
 Eagle mascot at football game?
 Jax rocked it again, & had many supporters.
 Nick & Erin's Art at the Blonde Grizzly in SLC.
 Cool prints. I love the foxes.
 My favorite piece.
 Dirty baby feet.
Jeremy's favorite piece's. He has commissioned Nick & Erin to do an abstract piece of Jer & I. We are very excited.
 The whole crew.
 Prezley's first dance! I have never thought we looked alike until I looked at this picture! Twins?
 Her homecoming date was awfully shy. Apparently they wear short dresses now which I don't really like, though Prez looked beautiful. 
 Atlas & frosen yogurt.
 Atlas without frozen yogurt.
 Truman LOVED Jaxon & kept asking where he was when we were with him
 Birthday Boy.
 Jeremy eating Lucy?
Jeremy trying to force Nick to be his best friend & take pictures with him.

Other things that occurred this weekend.
-Jeremy golfed. (surprised?)
-Lunch with Brooke. Always enjoyable.
-Teppanyaki's with the Kemps. YUM!
-I had many packages awaiting me :)
-Diesel has 2 tiny tumors. :( They are not threatening but we may have to get them removed.
-Meet the Workmans at the D. Jokes were exchanged.
-Went swimming at Erin's parents house. Coolest backyard ever! It seriously is a dream.
-Atlas is a crazy baby kicker swimmer.
-Truman fell down and hurt his gums. Poor little guy.
I think that's it.
The orange font is for Halloween.

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