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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Internet Love..

Since my baby Dies is feeling sick, I feel like I can't get out of bed either without him whining & looking at my with those big sad puppy dog eyes. :( So I can't leave him alone, so why not post about the awesome things I have found on the web lately? :)
 I so want to make this chalkboard globe to go in Jeremy's office. He loves maps & pointing out places he has been, so I think it would be perfect! 
Directions on Design Sponge.

I really really want one of these homemade bib kits from Purl Bee.
They are made with Liberty of London fabric which is my favorite!
 Aren't they adorable? They are sold out right now, so I will have to keep checking back.

How yummy/pretty does this raspberry & lemon lime birthday cake look!!?? I so wanna make it! It would be so cute for a little girls birthday party. I love these pictures & how deliciously beautiful it all looks.

I especially heart these cupcakes!! Anyone wanna have a party with me & bake these??


  1. i love your blog. so you and it makes me miss you!
    first thing... just have a baby already crazy.
    it's fun, i'm sure even in mexico, and your baby will always be hecho en mexico :)
    2nd amazing onesie is a mini shiatsu from nordstrom.. someone i worked with gifted it.
    3rd make me a chalk globe i love it! and the wreckless eddie song that can go with it!

    xoxo miss you!

  2. I love reading your blog! Its so fun! And since your guilty pleasure is Teen Mom, I will ask you..Did you watch this Tuesday? Amber is psycho! I only watch it cause its usually on when I am rocking Macie =) good excuse!

  3. I am totally going to make that globe.

    Our friends that married over the summer had a weeding cake that looked just like that only it had like ten or twelve layers. I thought it was adorable

  4. Erin I am telling you we need to have a craft/baking day.. Or girls weekend for that matter?? List of things we need to do:
    1-Bake that pretty cake
    2-paint chalkboard globe
    3-bind a book in pretty fabric like you did your scriptures
    4-make another animal head for me
    And I'm sure lots of other stuff too..