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Friday, September 3, 2010

Anniversary: Touch of Grey

So my amazing cousin Kelli took groomals for Jeremy & I. Groomals are pictures of the groom & bride before the wedding. I think it is such a great idea, because the day of your wedding you don't have time to go to any cool locations & never know if it might rain or you will have a big cold sore on your big day! (That happened to me 2 days before our wedding so I ran to the doctors to get medication! Thanks Dr. Farley :)) Anyways & this is just a good excuse to get all dressed up in your stuff more then once & practice being a model.. ha. But honestly Kelli did such an amazing job. I think they turned out even better because we were so comfortable with her, so we look more natural. These are by far my favorite pictures of us from our wedding! You can find her other work here & here.
All pictures were taken in west Layton. I love how she uses natural light & the way she edits gives them a vintage touch.
These pictures were also featured on my favorite wedding blog, Green Wedding Shoes!
& on the wedding blog the Knot
also on Utah Bride blog-touch of grey they featured my actual wedding as well too here.
So I felt very popular after all that :)
I will be using Kelli's wonderful talents again when I get family pictures done!

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