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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jeremy's Closet.

Jeremy's closet has been killing me lately. I really pity boys, because they don't have any options. It's basically a t-shirt, polo, v-neck, dress shirt, or vest if you can pull off that sort of thing. (I bought Jer a vest once just to liven up his wardrobe, but he just laughed & swore he would never wear it!)
Jeremy currently owns only 3 shirts that I even like.
1-G-star shirt.
2-V neck from Bastille
& 3-Stripped V-neck from UO.
So really he can only look cute 3 days a week, and that's only if he picks out one of these tops which he usually doesn't unless I lay them out for him! How sad is that, Diesel has more style in his lion outfit. I don't think Jeremy is fashionably retarded, I just think he doesn't care to put an effort in. So I guess it's my job to dress him well, & so far I am doing a very poor job. I'm actually ashamed of my self. Mostly because I don't want to buy him clothes when I can buy clothes for me. (selfish I know, I know) But also he has a hard body type to fit. It seems like t shirts are a little short & tight, or loose & long. So basically I have the choice between a husband who looks like a meat head or a gangtser.. Which would you pick?
Also because he is large & bald he just can't pull off the skinny jeans & cardigans. It looks funny, believe me.
He also teases me that when I do buy him clothes they are always cheap from target & old navy. Which is somewhat true only because he spills on everything and wears all his polo's to work which end up with dirt & oil on them somehow. (I think from golfing) So I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something he will ruin two seconds later.
So right now his wardrobe mainly consists of the dumbest T-shirt collection there is.. Take a look:
So I guess it's been long enough that I let him dress like an idiot. It is my wifely duty to take some responsibility. So if you have a husband, boyfriend, brother who wears cool clothes, please help me out! Just remember that we live in mexico so he likes light tops because it is so hot.

Sadly I added this pac man one to his dumb shirt pile, but I thought it was an improvement from his others. Baby steps ya know? I also need to deal with him ruining pictures by making faces, but that's for another day. Jer you just wait, with the help of my friends/family we will be giving you a makeover! I will keep you updated on the progress I make... Or let you know if I have just blown all my money on clothes for me ;) hahahahhah


  1. Heaven knows I tried for WEEKS to break him of the stupid face in pictures habit... He just resorted back to his old ways after you guys got married. I'm sorry... I tried!

  2. Seriously Cassie you make me laugh...like really I am sitting on my couch giggling! SO FUNNY :) You are PERFECT for Jer!

  3. ohmygosh. i read your blog at work and I have to try so hard to not laugh out loud! your posts crack me up! Oh and my vote is the meat head look. uhh help for Jer...J.Crew might ship to Mexico?? ;)