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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not too "shabby"

So I have known about Shabby Apple for a while now & occasionally used to browse through the dress section but wasn't quite sure if I was in LOVE with anything.
Today as I was browsing Rockstar Diaries, I saw Naomi in this yellow dress that is just perfectly adorable on her pregnant body. I was surprised to find out it was from SA.
I think her picture advertises the dress way better then the site does!
I love the new fall line. Especially this above blue one with scalloped edges.

I can't say I love ALL their dresses since some are quite ugly & others are just boring since most of them are solid colors. The maternity section is the worst. Sorry my pregnant friends, no luck here. (Just being honest) I do however think they have some quality ones, like Naomi has proved by wearing the yellow. So thought I would share.

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