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Monday, September 20, 2010

What really happened this last week..

So I feel like I truly couldn’t document the last week because I didn’t have my camera cord to upload pictures from my camera. (PS- I almost had a major meltdown this morning because I could not get my laptop to turn on. I seriously felt lost. I really panicked because I spend LOADS of time on my Mac book, especially since we have moved to Mexico. It makes me feel connected. So naturally I texted my brother Landon because I believe he can fix/solve any problem. Luckily it randomly started up on it’s own after my millionth try. I am really nervous it’s working life is coming to an end.. dun dun dun.. Hopefully not!)
Anyways sorry for the side note. Here are pictures from the last week:
Truman with us shopping..
Truman picking out his own outfit at H & M.  :) (They now have children's & maternity clothes. Best thing ever.)
We attended a California High School football game. There were pictures of Chris & Amy, but Amy deleted them. That little punk! 
Funny enough Jodie was there too with her sister!
We went to a customized hamburger place. This was Jer's. (gross) I don't really like hamburger's.
The following day we went to stay with the Perry's & watch the Utah and BYU game.

Jeremy and Wes being dumb.
Rachelle was kind enough to let Jer borrow one of her byu shirts.
We did a spouse swap since we were both cheering for different teams.
Go Y? Unfortunately byu lost.. ok of course I don't care I was just trying to be nice.
That night we went to see a movie, VIP style.
Basically meaning you pay double to sit in these nicer seats and get served dinner as you watch the movie. It was fun, but I don't think it is worth the money unless you only have time to do the combined dinner/movie. Could be good for people with kids I suppose?
The next morning baby Teddy surprised us by arriving 3 weeks early! Still so sad we weren't available to be there.
I love this picture, Truman's face is priceless.
We had to make Jeremy hold the baby. He isn't really a natural on the baby front. Probably because he is the baby of his family.
Truman being adorable & kissing the baby.
Truman being not so adorable & pushing all the nurse call buttons. :)
I will leave you with these super cute pictures of Truman reading a "magazine" as he calls it. :) He is potty training right now. I am excited to see this little munchkin again this weekend as Jeremy & I will be making a quick weekend trip up to Utah! Yay!


  1. im so glad you took all of these pics in the hospital!!! thanks so much! x - a

  2. Hey that's what I'm good for! Thanks again so much for the gift!. How is the blogging coming??